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FIFA 10 iPhone Review
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That’s right folks FIFA 10 has now hit the iPhone app store at the expected price of £5.99 / $9.99. This is Fifa’s debut on the iPhone and to be honest I am surprised that it didn’t hit us sooner. At the moment there is no demo so you will be unable to test it out but take our word, £5.99 isn’t a bad price to pay if you like your Fifa football and need a fix when you are out and about.

The game boasts a selection of leagues, teams and players and it promises better mechanics than that of its rival “Real Football 2010” which we are yet to try out.

The graphics are a little better than expected and sounds are fairly realistic. Controls are on screen touch buttons which are very responsive and the game feels and plays a lot more technically than expected. Obviously being on screen buttons there are a few limitations and for someone with big thumbs I sometimes saw myself covering up a part of the screen that I really did need to see. Don’t worry though, the controls still allow you to pull off some fairly decent manoeuvres.

To select a player EA Mobile have cleverly set it up so that you can touch a player on screen and it selects them meaning that you don’t get frustrated with the “No not him” scenario. It also features “Be A Pro” allowing you to create a player and see them through their career as seen on console versions. However in a game you only control that player which changes the camera positions slights.

There is commentary within the game which is very believable and it does feature some licensed music which can be personalised if needs be. Fifa10 for the iPhone is a lot more realistic than we had expected making it a smooth flowing worthwhile title.

At the moment there is no sign of this game being an online multiplayer however it does support that of local network play. When asked EA mobile have not confirmed or denied whether network play is in development
A feature which myself and many others would love to see is cross compatibility with that of the PC, Xbox or PS3 . When asked about this EA mobile again declined to answer. Imagine this, you’re at home on your favourite games console playing a league you know that you have a long trip or something coming up so you save down your game and then with your iPhone pick up where you left off.

Well…. Who knows! 1 thing I do know is that this game is definitely worth a purchase of you are a Fifa fan boy.


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