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Parachute Panic Review (iPhone)
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The App Store has been flooded with pick-up and play games since it became apparent that this genre was by far the favourite for those owning an iDevice. The basic gameplay and cheap pricing makes pick-up and play titles an easy choice to purchase whilst browsing a store full of complicated and expensive games. FDG Entertainment bring us fortunate earthlings a game that perfectly fits in to the pick-up and play stereotype, but does the cleverly named Parachute Panic stand out from the rest?

parachute panic1 Parachute Panic Review (iPhone)

Parachute Panic’s concept couldn’t be simpler. Small stickmen fall from the sky and you have to click on them to open their parachutes. After their parachute has been opened, you need to guide them safely to ships below waiting to rescue them from the stormy ocean and hungry sharks. Moving your finger left or right on a parachutist will guide them towards a ship whilst flicking upwards will make the brave soul slow down. Guiding the parachutists to ships will not be your only worry however as you’ll need to avoid Helicopters, cloud-storms and even UFOs on the way! Clicking on Helicopters and UFOs multiple times will thankfully destroy them, but having that extra object to think about when gameplay intensifies can be very distracting and make you panic; hence the name of the game!

The game ends after 5 parachutists have fallen to their death, been destroyed by a Storm/Helicopter/UFO or get eaten by the evil sharks waiting in the depths of the ocean. The game progresses by introducing more parachutists on the screen at the same time and by adding more ships to land them on. You can upload your highscores to the global leaderboards, and a feature I noticeably liked was the stats screen in the main menu. Not only does this show you your highest, most recent and average scores, and how many times you’ve died from each hazard, it allows you to upload scores to the server; this means you can jump straight back into a re-try after you die instead of having to wait for your highscore to be uploaded before you can try again. Genius!

The graphics of Parachute Panic are plain gorgeous. The game provides an original look with a hand-drawn approach. The background has a stunning notepad affect; creases in the paper and holes in the top included. The stick figures, ships, water and all other hazards have a sketched feel about them and appear to have been loosely coloured in. The graphics work particularly well for this type of simplistic game, and the fluid animations help to bring the package together. The shark jumping out the water to gulp up its victim or the sharks patronising victory dance after a game over are notable animations and add humour to the game. The addictive theme song and game over tune will also bring a few laughs to the plate, if not get annoying after a while.

Summary: Parachute Panic is a fun, great looking pick-up and play title with tons of charm. It’s easy and addicting gameplay will bring you back for more and at it’s 59p/$0.99 price tag, fans of this time-wasting genre ought to give Parachute Panic a go.


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