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Ion Assault Review

Two stick shooters are generally fun and addictive games that have that ‘one more go’ mentality, one of my favourites amongst the newer released two stick shooters is Super Stardust HD. A game that I sunk more hours into that I should have. So when Ion Assault landed in my lap I thought, great a two stick shooter. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite prepared for what lay ahead.

The unique thing about Ion Assault, is it’s controls. The shooting mechanic isn’t just your simple shoot, kill, repeat. You have to actually think about how and when you should fire, this is because each shot (in order to do any real damage) needs to be charged. You hold down the Left Trigger (let go to shoot) and your ship will collect particles around it, charging up your weapon. Whilst in this charge mode your ship will be slower, but that’s understandable as you seemingly have 100 vacuum cleaners on the go trying to collect the special dust that makes the cannon work. This is the unique element in Ion Assault, and it’s major flaw. You see whilst playing the game, everything was fine, apart from I couldn’t get used to the controls. It’s not that there difficult, far from it, it’s just that I’d expect to kill the enemies or at least fragment them into smaller pieces when shooting, but unless your gun is charged enough, it ‘ent’ going to happen.

IA Shot 17 1024 300x168 Ion Assault Review

There is a slew of power-ups to make completing the levels (i.e. killing everything on screen) easier, however there not enough to change the core mechanic (although some of them do look pretty smart). There’s co-op and multiplayer modes, however this doesn’t change much, in fact multiplayer was even harder to get to grips with. After I’d figured out what to do, I realised it wasn’t much fun.

Moving on from the control scheme, everything else about the game is well put together. The graphics are sharp, although the screen can get a little to cluttered, but that adds an element of difficulty to the game, which isn’t bad. The levels/enemies aren’t too interesting but look pleasant enough. The audio, is fine. The soundtrack is that futuristic affair you’d expect from a game like this. There’s a polite lady telling you what to do, and what’s just happened, like a warped SatNav. The game runs smoothly and is presented well.

There’s nothing major to fault with the game, it’s just one that you’ll either get or just won’t. Unfortunately whilst playing it I longed for the traditional ‘non-charge’ shooter. However if your looking for something similar but with a different playing style that’s a little slower paced, but not lacking in the difficulty, then this may be the game for you. I’d just check out the demo first before spending the 800ms points.


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    How did you get the paragraphs in your review mate?

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