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Toy Story 3D Review
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When I saw the trailer that a 3D version of the classic Toy Story was to be released, I punched the air with excitement. Our regular readers should know by now that I am somewhat obsessed by 3D films. So I couldn’t wait but take a look at Disney’s 1995 classic.

So, for those living in the dark ages let me give you a quick summary of what goes on. Woody whom is a cowboy doll and voice acted by Tom Hanks is on a recon mission after finding that his owner’s (Andy) birthday was moved forward because of a home move. All the toys are anticipating what his toys are in fear they will be left out in the cold and not wanted anymore. They soon find out that Andy has a new best toy which is Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and so pursues the jealousy of Woody as all the toys find Buzz accommodating and a nice person. The film proceeds with a trying test of friendship over adversity along with a mission to escape Andy’s evil next door neighbour Sid Phillips who likes to mane toys as well as blow them up. There are some really nice plot twists and executions that make this film string well together. Buzz believes he’s on an intergalactic space mission and that his ship is destroyed. It’s not until later in the film where he finds out he is one of thousands of replica toy figures.

Toy Story 3D melds the adult and children audience and it was most certainly one of the first animated films to successfully appeal to both audiences. At the time the visuals were ground breaking and by far the best in the industry, now they look a little soft on detail, though still appealing enough to still enjoy watching. There is a well established cast that really makes Toy Story last through the ages it’s been 19 years since it was released and close to its 20th anniversary in celluloid! As well as the likes of Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) and Tim Allen (Home Improvement) there is also Don Rickles who plays the fantastic Mr Potato head and my personal favourite Jim Varney who plays the Slinky Dog that always brown noses Woody, well for the most part anyway.

I think the film will always have a lasting factor, mainly because adults will have grown up with many of the toys featured in the film, seeing them come to life in the bedroom and then freezing into lifelessness when a child enters the room will always give children who believe in magic a real thrill and lasting experience. The big problem for me is Disney’s Digital 3D, being asked to pay £7.00 a ticket to see this in a 3D perspective doesn’t feel like value for money, it comes down to how good the 3D is, as well as the length of the movie which has a running time of only 81 minutes, a length that really isn’t widely accepted by consumers anymore. Disney’s Digital 3D is a little disappointing, although you get added depth to the film, there are no pop out moments or wow factors that are noteworthy, the most impressive being rain on a window. I feel they missed a trick with this commemorative release as there were plenty of opportunities to optimize the film to give the audience a thrill ride at some point and much to my anticipation, it never happened. As a film it’s great, it’s a classic! As a 3D experience, it’s pretty crap.


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