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Brutal Legend Impressions

Whooohoo! Brutal Legend! I have been waiting to give this a go since the trailer was released a few months back. What a premise. A hell-like world inspired by the world of ROCK! Based around every Heavy Metal, Rock and Death Metal album covers and lyrics from the golden age of rock and roll (70’s and 80’s maybe some early 90’s before it got all wimpy). Who ever pitched that idea needs a freaking medal.

Ok, ok…calm…so you play Eddie a roadie voiced by Jack Black and the last of a dying breed of rockers who are forced to work in a world populated by wimpy, alternate modern rock music where every third word is “baby” or “love” *shudder*.

Eddie is the best at what he does and is losing hope in music and the youth of today. After one of the girly “rock” band members does something stupid on stage it gets Eddie killed and that’s where the story takes off. The game is like a God of War clone combat wise and uses swirling melees with loads of freaky enemies. The promises of visiting fantasy lands of ice and fire and with the voices of several of Rocks greatest legends (Ozzy! Whohoo!) this game is gonna have to try hard to fail.

Let’s just hope that combat is smooth because this would be the only thing that could cripple a game such as this. In the demo I played, the combat felt a little stiff and if you can’t tell, I really want this game to be awesome. Jack Black was the perfect voice for this role, in many ways he’s playing out a fantasy roll (hell, he even went to an award ceremony dressed as Eddie) but lets hope its all in moderation. I like Jack Black but don’t milk it and have him vocalise everything.

If you can’t tell, I’m excited about this one and from what I have played and what I have seen, visually, it’s impressive. Once EA was a byword for shoddy development or stale games but in recent years, they have gambled and released some excellent and original titles. I hope that Brutal Legend can keep up to all the hype (I’m not helping, I know) and that this lives as a testament to good music, rock and roll and classic gaming. Until release I will dream sweet dreams of barbarians, skimpy maidens and fantasy landscapes born fruit from the art of the 80’s album cover. ROCK ON!!!

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Brutal Legend Impressions, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
  • James Joell-Ireland
    October 7, 2023
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    Well i checked out the demo tonight and it was fucking pheonominal. I didn’t quite experience the clunky combat, i thought it was pretty tight, it’s not as smooth as god of war and allot of other games but certainly it’s not enough to detract from the game. It’s the first game in awhile to take me places that simply don’t exist in real life or in the past. Awesome stuff!

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  • David Breach
    February 12, 2024
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    I find this game brilliant. The combat is pretty standard for this sort of game, though smooth, however nicely enhanced by fun little “guitar solos” like the Face Melter (Melt the faces of all foes around you!). You get a fun-to-drive car, control over an army of humourous Headbangers, lots of little side missions (Race this guy, get this to here before the time runs out, ambush these guys…), and if that’s not enough, you’re playing as Jack Black! I find his voicing in this to be brilliant, the scripting is hilarious at times, and the character visuals and animations are pulled off perfectly. It’s like Eddie isn’t just a character voiced by Jack Black, he’s Jack Black as he really should be, world-allowing.

    The game has it’s consistancy in the general style of play, but then also throws in little quirks and fun stuff, like a war of armies, where you not only fight in the war yourself, but control unit creation and distribution in an almost RTS style.

    Overall, despite the hype, I was expecting this game to be little more than a standard hack’n'slash, relying on the selling power of celerbrity names for it’s novelty, like so many others of the type. What I got was a unique, funny, and over-all, truly entertaining game.

    Well done EA. My respect, you have finally re-earnt.

    I give this game:
    Gameplay: 9/10
    Visuals: 8/10
    Humour: 8/10
    Voice acting: 9/10

    With an overall score of 8.5/10

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