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Alive 4-ever Review (iPhone)
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There has been a huge influx of zombie games hitting the App Store lately, with some examples being Zombieville USA, Resident Evil 4, Attack from the Dead and Zombie Pub Crawl, just to name a few. Each of the games mentioned seem to be extremely popular among iPhone gamers. Let’s admit it, there’s a bit of evil in us all that just loves to slay hordes of hideous, flesh eating monsters. The game developer Meridian has decided to join the zombie fun with their latest title coolly named Alive 4-ever, and the question on my lips is does Alive 4-ever bring anything new to an already packed and exhausted genre?

Alive 4-ever is a dual stick shooter which has you using your left thumb to control the movement of the character and your right thumb to aim and obviously shoot your weapon. The game contains 30 “scenes” which are essentially mini-games or challenges, and these vary in difficulty and gameplay. I personally like the approach of scenes instead of a cheesy, poorly scripted storyline This might be a disappointment to some, but aslong as the scenes are varied and fun then I’m all for it; and that’s exactly what they are. The variety of tasks from scene to scene helps keep the game fresh and will have you coming back for more zombie killing. Each scene has a main objective which you need to complete in order to unlock the following scene, and also an extra challenge that rewards you with extra money and EXP if achieved. Scene 1 entitled “Nightmare” has an objective of killing 60 zombies and a challenge of clearing the stage in less than 180 seconds, whereas other scenes have objectives such as rescuing survivors of the zombie outbreak, picking up vaccines and surviving for a certain period of time.

Completing objectives and challenges awards you with Ability Points and valuable money. With these ability points, you can upgrade your maximum health, maximum bullets, critical hit rate and curing efficiency; you’ll need all of these at their potential best to beat the later scenes in the game as the difficulty levels and cranked up a notch. The money received can be used to purchase one of 16 weapons available in the game. You can only carry one main weapon and one sub weapon at the same time, so choosing which combination of weapons to use could be vital to completing the scenes. There are 4 sub weapons to choose from and unlock which are all pistols, with the remaining 12 being main weapons such as the famous AK47 rifle and the devastating M3 shotgun. Again, a nice variety to go along with the varied scenes and gameplay.

The enemies in the game are very similar to those found in the Xbox 360 shooter Left 4 Dead. What a coincidence BOTH games have the number “4” representing the word in the title… Appearing in Alive 4-ever are the slow moving but hard to kill zombie known as a Boomer, the crafty Hunter who attacks from afar and attempts to suck you in with his tongue, annoying zombie dogs, and what zombie game would be complete without the gormless kind who pointlessly wonder towards the barrel of your deadly weapon. The different zombies make you change your tactics throughout the scenes which helps keep the gameplay fresh and most importantly fun.

Multiplay (i.e. co-op) is supposedly available in the game but I haven’t had any luck finding a game to join aswell as nobody joining any games I’ve tried to host.

Alive 4-ever’s graphics are simply stunning and by far the best I’ve seen on the iPhone so far. Everything from the textures on the floor and the zombies themselves is extremely detailed. The lighting is beautifully done and adds a good sense of atmosphere to the game. All this is awesome, but the best part has to be the violence (which can be turned off, but you’d be crazy too). The blood spray on the floor after killing zombies is gorgeous and strangely satisfying. The games music and audio suit the genre well and help create the tense atmosphere.

If all of this wasn’t enough, the kind folks at Meridian have recently released a huge FREE update which adds 2 new games modes, 5 new weapons, dual-stick transparency settings and other bug fixes. The new mode survival battle will simply have you survive for aslong as possible. This is also available to play with other people online, if you have more luck than me; but yet another update is in the works which will allow multiplayer via Wifi, so maybe that can solve my connectivity problems. The other game mode is the incredibly fun Horde Battle, where you must defeat waves of enemies. Each wave increases with difficulty and provides more enemies to slaughter. This is a fantastic update which adds many more hours of fun, and I’m certainly not complaining seeing it was free.

Summary: Alive 4-ever is a fantastic zombie shooter containing RPG elements which provides many hours of blood-filled fun. If you’re even slightly a fan of shooters or anything to do with zombies, you’d be a fool not to pick up this game containing standard-setting graphics and thrilling gameplay for the pathetically low price of 59p/$99. Buy it now!


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