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Fallout 3 Review
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Fallout 3. Thee Fallout 3. I have never played a previous edition of Fallout and the E3 teaser was enough to intrigue me. I later learnt that Fallout 3 was an RPG. That dropped it a lot for me as I have had a bad time with RPG’s before (raped my mother, killed my father). Let me explain before you all stone me to death.

I never liked any of the final fantasy games or any Japanese RPG’s, I gave Oblivion a bash and didn’t enjoy myself, this later turned out to be an aversion to anything “fantasy based”. I can watch a fantasy movie (Lord of the Rings, Willow etc) but for the life of me can’t play a fantasy themed game. Don’t get me wrong I have tried time and time again. I think I’m too routed into modern day or the future. Technology is the stuff of my dreams. Why use an Enchanted Flaming Sword when I can shoot you in the face with my Heavy Bolter or Plasma Cannon?

But I digress. I did get Fallout 3 after the promise of a post–nuclear 1950ish American wasteland. And it delivered. Oh, did it deliver. The game starts with your birth and your dad uses a gene machine to see what you will be like in the future. It’s a nice way of camouflaging a character creation section. All basic tutorials are in the form of growing up in the underground home you call Vault 101(think like a social air-raid bunker). It’s done with a storytelling master stroke of flash forwards, taking you to the important parts of your childhood. Even with your basic set of skills you start out with are taken like a high school test.

The RPG element to the game is all in the wrist device you wear called a Pip-boy 3000. It holds the maps, inventory, weapons, medical, radiation and quest notes as well as a horde of other items and notes. This is what put me off to begin with. All those confusing tabs and sections! Ah! But with a little time to think and look it over it’s actually very simple and easy to understand (even someone who has little time for these things).

The story unfolds and you have to leave the Vault and find your dad (who has buggered off for various reasons). I got a chill when I had to leave Vault 101. This game makes you feel like you are sealed in this place and permanently. The wasteland above is a murmured story between Vault resistances. When the Vault unseals and you are stood in the harsh daylight of the wasteland all I could mutter was “Holy crap”.

When the game truly starts you feel very alone and very small. The expanse of the wasteland is epic. The game revolves around finding your dad and that isn’t as easy as you think. The wasteland itself has a character of its own. It feels like it wants you to die and it’s going to do it through the use of robots, giant scorpions, raiders and mercenaries. Character interaction is excellent and in the form of dialog boxes with multiple choice options. You really can be good, neutral or a bastard and everything in-between.

You never feel like your playing a story, more of a life, each “quest” you do (depending on which way you do it) can last as long as any normal game and for that reason this game is worth your cash. You will get side tracked. I know you will. You will set off to do one mission and ending up doing “Oh! Wonder what that is!” and changing direction that leads to another mission or quest or objective or it will inspire you to do something else or find that thing that someone mentioned earlier in the game. It’s never a straight deal in Fallout 3 and that’s what makes it great.

There are dozens of guns to use and create from scrap if you have the caps (currency of the wasteland) for the plans, from the 10mm pistol to the railway rifle to the laser minigun. You can also pick up unique weapons that have there own special abilities, usually higher fire rate, ammo capacity or killing power. Being able to specialize with perks and skills you can be great at a few weapons or good at all of them. Equally you can throw out the guns and carve you enemy down in close combat with a baseball bat, power fist or a chain-bladed dagger.

A cast of hundreds mixed with the wonderfully created locations of the Capital Wasteland and the freedom to do what ever the hell you like makes this game epic. And there is always something new to do or things to find. On the console version there is some freezing once in a while (3 times over the course of an 80 hour play through) but if this is the worst thing that it has to worry about then there really isn’t anything to worry about.

Truly a monument game that is worth EVERY penny you spend on it. Fallout 3 is dozens of games rolled into one radiation infested, ghoul shooting, plasma gun wielding and power armour wearing adventure of a life time. Please, please buy this game!


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Rating: 8.0/10 (2 votes cast)
Fallout 3 Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
  • https://?u=bax88 Alan Baxter

    Fantastic review mate. I might have to give this game another go.

  • https://?u=dontmovephoenix Alex Witney

    I don’t think I’ve given this game enough time, I’ll have to go back to it now. Great review.

  • Dean Case

    spent around 230 hours or so on various fallout characters, and i still find something new everytime i play.

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