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Nyko Perfect Shot Wii Gun Review

If you’ve been destined for a sturdy, robust gun attachment for the Wii then you are probably scouring around endlessly for the best one you can find. Alternatively you could be a casual gamer and couldn’t care and probably bought either the attachment for Links crossbow training or something so cheap it would be an utter aesthetic disaster.

Now, for those of you who actually want decent accessories for the Wii then look no further than the Nyko Perfect Shot. Nyko are probably one of the most active third party accessory providers for the Nintendo Wii and they don’t have a reputation for manufacturing shit. Once adding the Wii remote the Perfect Shot is nicely weighted and looks pleasing to the eye. The size of the gun is perfect for adults and the accuracy is second to none. One of the most noticeable features about Nyko’s gun is that it also supports the nunchuk by adding a connector at the bottom of the ammo holdall. This is perfect as it doesn’t try to be clever and hide the nunchuk wiring and adds additional support for games that require the nunchuk like Resi 4 and Ghost Squad, not a great deal of gun accessories allow for this and if they do it usually requires the Nunchuk to be dropped into place and remain static.

The most important aspect of the Nyko Perfect Shot is the fact that it feels well made and the trigger has a spring connection, so the experience you are going to get is similar to a Guncom Time Crisis gun, which is not to be snuffed at. Currently it retails for £12.99, which is a great price and in no time you’ll end up buying a second one so you can support your second wiimote for multiplayer action. We’ve tried the gun thus far on Wii Play’s shooting mini-game and Mario & Sonic At The Olympics skeet sporting event, the gun each time rendering exceptional accuracy. Even when we tried shooting clay pigeons with the smallest reticule we were picking off targets and racking up scores better than a Russian sniper in Stalingrad. The Nyko Perfect Shot really is a must have accessory for your Wii experience and to even return back to shooting games without this piece of kit would be considered an absolute sin.

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