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broken steel 2 300x147 Fallout 3: Broken Steel

If you read my Fallout 3 review you know I’m a massive fan. So when DLC was announced I was over the moon with glee that one of the best games is getting better. Now, when I learnt that the DLC for the PS3 was delayed I was a sad panda having my primary game save on the PS3. I could have gotten it for the PC or the Xbox but it never felt right to review them without everyone having access to them.

So summer came and went and I awaited the release of Broken Steel (not the first DLC ever released but the first for the PS3). Broken Steel changes the game ending entirely or adds to it depending on your view. Now, here be spoilers so read no more if you want to keep the ending of Fallout 3 a virgin ideal and you should if you haven’t yet played it. In fact, what the hell? Why haven’t you played it yet? Get your arse to the shops…NOW!

Now that’s behind us, let’s review. Broken Steel opens with the Lone Wanderer (official name of the main character of Fallout 3 as you can call him/her anything) waking from the traumatic events of project purity. If you had one, your partner waits for you by your bed side (dear, faithful Charon, how you have served me well) and you find yourself in the Citadel with the Brotherhood of Steel to thank for your recovery.

800px Broken Steel base 300x168 Fallout 3: Broken Steel

This DLC revolves around the Enclave and taking down pockets of resistance in the Capital Wasteland with the aid of Liberty Prime (the giant walking robot thing) but its short lived and soon you’re off doing other things. The best part of this DLC is the exploration because it added new locations to go to and sniff around in. Broken Steel furthers the story mainly through the success of project purity and those who are affected by it

The level cap has been raised to 30 with all new perks to be had which is a massive bonus and enough reason to get this DLC. There are some nice side missions to get including one investigating the disappearance of convoys loaded with clean water made by Project Purity.

Going off map allowed for some nice new environments and a chance for the developer to branch out a bit, instead of cramming new stuff in the Capital Wasteland. Adams Air force base was a great atmospheric edition and even getting there is a challenge with a new ghoul reaver class harassing you underground.

Broken Steel comes with some new bit and bobs but nothing to rave about. Oh yeah, apart from some awesome new guns. The Tesla cannon is a one-shot-reload cannon which blasts Enclave Veribirds from the sky in a satisfying display of fire and metal. New flamer models are available including one with a nice range to it. Hellfire armour is a new edition to the Enclaves armoury and is tough to boot. Loot one today!

fallout 3 tesla cannon 300x168 Fallout 3: Broken Steel

Now I’m not sure if I’m the only one but all the DLC’s I played has gone crazy with tech issues like freezing, etc. But with Broken Steel I only had a few and those issues didn’t happen until I went off map to Adams Air force base. There is a separate article on this site which you can read to find out more. I did mark the scored with this in mind.

I took a month hiatus between the end of Fallout 3 and playing Broken Steel but it drew me right in and didn’t feel tacked on. I call that a great success and Bethesda have managed to improve upon the original game rather than just trucking in more guns or just moving the level cap higher.

I wouldn’t call this a stand along DLC per se, but a necessary edition to Fallout 3. In fact I call it a small sequel like the episodic content released by Valve for the Half Life 2 game. If you buy one DLC for Fallout 3 it’s this one you want. Reviewed on the PS3. Steal the Aqua Cura salesman’s wigs then put one on and confront him….hilarious!


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