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Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage

Yippee! Another DLC for Fallout 3 and its illustrious name is Operation: Anchorage. This one is set in the battle of Anchorage, Alaska almost 100 years earlier before the governments of the world thought the best solution to their problems would be to drop atomic weapons on each other.

Now, considering the events of Fallout 3 are set 100 years after this battle, my first question is how? Well, instead of something lame like time travel, it’s all a simulation all very much like Tranquillity Lane is in the main quest. It’s all at the behest of the Brotherhood of Steel outcasts that call you bad names all the time. You know the ones, the dicks in the black and red outfits.

So why agree to help these people (apart from furthering the story and getting your monies worth) in the first place? Well the reason why the simulation exists is to train those heading off to the battle of Anchorage (presumably to scare them shitless?) but for some reason it also unlocks an armoury in the same building if you come out of the sim alive.

Ok, I’m not sure why the armoury lock is tied into the simulations completion, maybe the person who locked it in the first place only wanted the most bad-ass person to obtain the stuff inside. Oh yeah, and you are the only one who can go into the machine because of your Pip-Boy. So, loose plot line mechanics aside, let’s see what’s going on in Anchorage.


It’s weird playing a game within a game and you find yourself stripped of all your personal gear and in the shoes of an American soldier behind enemy lines. I found it quite thrilling having the playing field levelled again and having only the basic weapons and gear of an infantry man. The environment is a million miles from the blasted remains of the Capital Wasteland and is snow covered and mountainous. It’s almost quite beautiful.

Firstly, it’s up to you to destroy several giant gun emplacements high upon a mountain range much like the Guns of Navarone. You get a wingman with you who joins you along the way at certain points helping out against the enemies. Speaking of which, you’re up against the Chinese communist invaders and there of standard affair. Guys in uniform who speak Chinese (no, really) and don’t agree with your way of life. Later on as the missions progress you come up against Chinese special forces the Dragoons, who are a mix of snipers and close combat specialist. Oh, and they are invisible too.

After the main mission you get to invade several other enemy strong points and even select a squad for yourself. You get to choose whose coming and have a selection of weapons and specialities giving you a small control and sense of strategy game. You can request new weapons from the quartermaster yourself before charging off to the front lines.

Mission (quest) wise it’s all very the same. Snowy trenches and Chinese soldiers in the same sort of setting gets boring quickly and Operation: Anchorage is only a few hours long to begin with, 4-5 at the most. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s nice to get out of the Wasteland and this DLC provides a great change of pace. Equally it’s the DLC that sits between the essential Broken Steel and what is the weakest DLC, The Pitt. Very middle of the road.


Operation: Anchorage contains a selection of new stuff including unique armour and weapons. The best new thing that this DLC brings in is the Gauss Rifle. It’s a one shot reload weapon that runs on Microfussion cells and is awesome. It has a scope and is great for sneaky headshot and has a hilarious knock-back ability that stuns the enemy for a short time.

The biggest bonus for this DLC is the ending of the simulation and getting your hands on the contents of the armoury. You get the Gauss rifle and some other bits and bobs but another thing which is sweet is the Chinese stealth suit. Crouch and it turns your invisible and you can use it to carve your enemies down.

When the DLC climaxes you’re not sure if it has ended or not and leaves you with a feeling of “Oh, that’s it?” The only thing to keep you content is the weapons you garner from the armoury. Not the strongest DLC and again, the freezing issues are prevalent as they are through all the DLC’s. The article can be read on this website if you’re interested and i have dipped the score by about 30 points because of it. Wait for the patch and get it. Reviewed on the PS3. “Anyway. One day we decide, those Chinese sons of bitches are going down…”


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