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Mushroom Wars Review (Playstation 3)

Wow, when the opening word for a review is this, it can either be incredibly good, or very bad, in this case, it’s definitely not the latter. However, the first thing I thought when I started up the game was ‘Well this sucks’ but soon my mind had changed and mushroom wars soon became one of my favourite and most addicting games I own.

Mushroom Wars is an RTS, and for those of you who aren’t willing to be opened up to anything other than Call of Duty, I suggest you close this article now. I enjoyed most RTS games that I have played, unfortunately my PC is pretty terrible, so trying to run any of the more modern ones on it would have some bad results to say the least, so when mushroom wars came along, I was pretty happy. First thing I had to do was look the game up, I hadn’t heard of it, seen any trailers, and didn’t even know what genre it was, but the first thing that came to my head when I saw it on the Playstation Store was ‘Fat Princess Rip Off’ well I’m incredibly glad that I didn’t judge this game by its cover. The gameplay is one big domination mission essentially, with no fighting armies like an age of empires game, more like strategic placement of troops in buildings, upgrading, defending and attacking at the right moments to capture all of the enemies buildings, or specific important target, it’s a simple Idea but is pulled of very well, with a quick and easy to use upgrading system that can be used to create satellite towers, turret towers and upgrade the size of your barracks to hold more soldiers and an incredibly easy to use navigation system (which is one thing I was slightly curious about before I got into the game.) The game has a main mission mode which see’s you conquering a map with various objectives, and a skirmish mode, which is essentially a free battle with various setups from one to four teams.

Graphically, Mushroom Wars delivers with a crisp, cartoon style reminiscent of Worms and with bright and good looking colours, stand out fonts, and well designed characters, the game seems like a lot, but the simplicity of the graphics really makes me love this game a lot more, there is no overcrowding on the screen, the scoring system is placed neatly at the bottom in a nice neat line, showing possession, morale, and number of soldiers. Buildings are in predefined positions around the map, so putting them in the wrong places isn’t a risk, and some people may say this deters from the tactics involved, but I completely disagree, as setting up a line of barracks behind a line of turrets is pretty standard, and so Mushroom Wars requires you to be much more tactical about which buildings you convert into which. Teams are clearly coloured so there is no confusion between who is who, and various team styles (mage, aliens, and regular soldiers) have different style turret fire, which is clean and doesn’t clog the screen.

The music in the game is great, and sounds like a mix of Drum and Bass beats with a retro NES feeling and the odd hip hop vibe, audio whilst playing is simple and minimal, with laser blasting noises and sounds coming from the soldiers when you order them around. There are some screaming sounds during the capturing of a building and a nice fire sound effect in the background when a building is nearly captured.

The game is pretty tough towards the later levels and you will definitely have to think about your tactics and how you are going to use your troops, and for me this often involves capturing some turrets, rallying all of my troops in one of them, and then watching all 400 or so of them march across my screen to take down one tiny enemy base which is brilliant, although it doesn’t always work, the AI is good and uses good tactics instead of moving around randomly, and will attempt to do things such as wait around until you send out some troops, then take the base they came from, or, whilst attacking, go to other buildings around the area so that the advance can move nearer the target slowly but surely.

On the whole, the simplistic, clean and clear graphical style of the game really stands out for me, with simple objectives and controls adding to the enjoyment factor, the game caters for your five minute boredom killer to an entire squandered hour, and I can guarantee you will come back for more after you have gotten the hang of everything. For the average PSN price of £7.99 the game also has lots of replayability value in the main campaign and is very impressive on the whole.


-Dean Case

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  • Paco

    hi, i have a question, do you prefer this game o prefer worms to ps3, because i´m confuse thanks

  • https://?u=admin James Ireland

    Worms mate, get worms.

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