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Xbox360 Sky Player “STRAIN”

oct2509skytvpreview 1256645428 Xbox360 Sky Player STRAINPicture the scene, you have had a busy day at work. You come home and all you want to do is watch the football on the new “Sky Player” which is supposed to be available on the Xbox360 today. Well, sorry folks.. Only a select few will be able to do so!

Why? well, according to the “Sky Player” department they have had there busiest day yet and as such the system is unable to cope with the viewing demand. Surely they knew that it would be busy? New technology always is! This isn’t the 1st time a launch of a new product or technology went wrong, remember the Fifa 09 Ultimate Team downloadable content that was unavailable for a whole week? Or what about Microsofts NXE dashboard update which caused freezing issues and time outs? New launches do have there teething problems but surely massive corporations like that of Microsoft and Sky would be able to work out a way to be able to provide the quality service that they are advertising.

When speaking with a Sky Player advisor this evening I was told “Sky player is still there its just not showing on everyones video market place”. When I asked how I got it back I was told “It will appear if you click the button at the right time however when you get on to the service it may be a matter of time until you are kicked off again to allow someone else access”.

Well, what I have seen of the Sky player is absolutely brilliant so heres hoping that Sky and Microsoft work through the night to get the service up together for the start of a new day.

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Xbox360 Sky Player "STRAIN", 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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