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Saw “The Game” Hands On

Set in a disused hospital you play a detective who is put through his paces against the masterful “Jigsaw” games. You find yourself waking up in this hospital wearing the ever famous deadly beartrap headbrace, using clever QTE’s you carefully have to follow the on screen prompts to release yourself from the device.Once released from the device you are free to roam around the setting following the mighty saws deadly games.

I found the pace of the game quite slow paced to be honest, I was kind of hoping that it would feel like it did when watching the saw movies; sickening and jumpy!

The challenges themself were good and it was nice to see that it was not just a rip off of that of the movies. It appears to have its own unique storyline with the games cut scenes modestly keeping you entertained for hours.

In my view although there are some graphical moments it is possible that the developer may have held back when it comes to the gore and blood detail within the game. I expect that this may have been to avoid any controversial and negative press towards the game. I am sure that many of us will be disappointed by this! What they should have done is had 2 modes within the game like that of “Brutal Legend” where you choose how gorey the game will be. What do you think?

Graphically the game looked ok, the scenery was cleverly designed to create the eerie feel however it wasn’t anything amazing definately similar to that of “The Suffering” but obviously polished off with HD visuals.

All in all the game was really good and I would say its most definately worth a rental especially if you are a Saw fan boy like me. Keep an eye out for the full review, when the game gets it’s UK release.

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Rating: 9.5/10 (4 votes cast)
Saw "The Game" Hands On, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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