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Super Rub A Dub Review (PSN)
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It’s time to take a quick venture down the infancy of the PS3. Let’s face it there wasn’t a great deal of games around that were particularly great when the game first came out, but one that was quirky and pretty addictive that made use of the Six Axis controller is none other than Super Rub Dub. The premise of the game, is quite simply to collect rubber ducklings and make them all sink down a hole out of the level map, simple but most great games can often be pretty simple.

There are over 60 levels in this game, and thanks to a DLC update there are now 9 different duck characters to unlock, from scuba duck to devil duck. These are all rewarded depending on your online stats and progression of gold/silver/bronze medals. These medals are awarded on your time, but the real addiction to this game is to try and beat the world leaderboard which is updated in an overall stance and a monthly leaderboard.

Unfortunately Super Rub Dub was too old to get some of that Trophy loving, but needless to say it still stands well without prizes to unlock. Without the online leaderboard this game would be difficult to recommend, as it really is the only thing that keeps you coming back after completing the game. For what you pay in ratio to the content that you get, it’s cracking value for money and you even get to be the prey on bonus levels by eating all the ducklings with a robot shark. A nice touch.

There is no denying that Super Rub A Dub is most certainly one of the more original titles out on the PSN, it’s cute, charming and has a soundtrack that is for some odd reason addictive. It’s also very casual gamer friendly, well for the earlier difficulties anyway.

Graphically the game has some very realistic water effects that look impressive to this day and physics in the water are noticed once playing levels start to include tides and borderless edges. It’s great to have the variation an extra obstacles to keep the challenges fresh. Another great way of actually getting decent times is to shake the six-axis to make the ducks jump over objects. It could even be argued that the game can be strategic if you are really aiming to get the awards of being best in the world on certain levels.

Overall Super Rub Dub achieves a pretty addictive game where many Nintendo Wii titles would simply fail, its ridiculously cheap and the content you get will keep you playing for at least 7 odd hours, especially in the later difficulty levels. If you’ve perhaps overlooked this game, we would recommend giving it a blast, you won’t regret it.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
Super Rub A Dub Review (PSN), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
  • Bax

    Awesome game, very enjoyable. Even my mum played this one!

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