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God Of War 3 Preview

Oh yes. I got me a copy of the exclusive God of War 3 demo to enjoy and I thought it only fair to share my impressions with you lovely people.

So, waiting for the install was painful, I sat there waiting with baited breath, the controller gradually being squeezed harder and harder in impatience. Finally it installed a massive 2.6 GB demo and I was off.

Little background as to why I’m recording my impression and not another member of staff. Firstly, I pulled rank, secondly because I played the first two God of War games dozens of times each. I really did enjoy the God of War games because of the smooth combat, the excellent graphics but more importantly the violent storytelling.

Few games are brave enough these days to be so violent to cut out a chunk of your audience concerning age group, but then to be a console exclusive game…that’s almost commercial suicide. But not God of War. In fact, the first GoW is still in the top 50 best console games and sold millions of copies world wide. But will Gow 3 emulate its predecessor’s success?

Ok, to the Point. The menu is the same as the other GoW games with the main character, Kratos, peering at you in fury. Press start and you treated to people being cleaved apart by monstrous, undead Greek soldiers and you fly into them with the Blades of Chaos cutting them down in a shower of blood and viscera. Ok first thoughts, its pretty looking and the graphics have had a massive overhaul but it just looks the same. The environment is bland and I was really underwhelmed. I imagine and hope that this is just for demo purposes.

I progressed along the cliff path cutting down more solders and I will say that the combat is flawless. It’s designed for maximum visual impact and maximum carnage. Simple controls wield impressive moves and combos, holding shoulder buttons gives different results and opens the combos more and more. Also, grabbing and enemy and using him as a battering ram is satisfying and will have you whooping at the screen before Kratos pulls his head off or crush him against a wall.

Soon enough, the demo really takes off. The environment pans to widescreen with a massive molten titan (a huge walking god) fighting Helios one of the Greek gods who sides with Zeus. Back story is that you and the Titans are waging war against Zeus and everyone else is caught in the middle. You continue to cleave a path through hordes of enemies but I was surprised the inclusion of larger enemies early (not sure if this if for demo purposes I don’t know but I really hope not) and smacks of great story telling.

Different game mechanics are introduced early and often, for example I impaled a harpy (demonic bird creature) and used it to get to an area far away. Stuff like that kept me cooing in excitement and thrilling at the screen. The fighting moves at a blistering pace and it throws some excellent set pieces and a crazy creature that deifies belief, it’s a sort of lion-goat-snake monster and is devilish to kill.

Progressing more into the demo you take down Helios and make you way to him through the ruins of a Greek city climbing walls and traversing sunken drops to certain doom. The demo throws more nasties at you and a rather stomach churning mini game of tearing off Helios head. Like…tearing it off, not cutting but…ripping it off of his spine! Oh and you use the light emanating from his dead eyes to illuminate secrets hidden from you. Brutal.

You exit through a door and use the wings of Icarus to propel yourself up a hot air vent what I’m sure is the inside of a mountain. This bit is possibly one of the best sections I have played in any game, no fooling here. You fly up on blazing wings dodging falling balls of flaming rock, ducking and weaving through wooden girders and powering through small cracks in stone floor work as you rush towards them.

As the vent gets smaller and smaller and the hazards start to overwhelm you, you fire out of the vent like a bullet from a gun and in a blaze of fury with a perfect cinema panorama of the Greek city with the molten Titan in front of you, Kratos uses the powerful forces behind him and leaps towards the Titans and…..

The demo ends to a release date of March 2010. I remember vaguely screaming “NOOO!!!” my heart pumping and I really was on the edge of my seat. It took several seconds to adjust myself and calm down. Epic…simply put, the demo is epic and the game will be too unless the developers do something tragic like turn Kratos into Harry Potter.

What started off as bland and uninteresting got good very quickly. Cut scenes and mini events and games flow seamlessly with action game play and really are a treat to find a game that does them so well. I wait now, gutted that I must remain without this game until March 2010. I will sleep outside the shops for a hopeful midnight launch (unless Sony are good enough to send me a review copy…please?) and get you guys a review as soon as I can.

Pick up the Re-mastered God of War 1 and 2 with the demo for God of War 3 bundled in as an extra sometime this month whether you have previously played it or not. You can’t lose.

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God Of War 3 Preview, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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