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Jennifer’s Body Review
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I walked into the cinema last night with absolutely no expectations for Jennifer’s Body being a good film. My main prerogative for seeing the film, along with 90% of the audiences, was to see FHM’s second sexiest women of 2009, Megan Fox, strut her stuff on screen for the best part of 2 hours; surely that was worth the admission fee alone right?

Unfortunately my expectations were lived up to, with Jennifer’s Body turning out to be a pretty poorly scripted and acted film. Writer Diablo Cody, who also wrote the highly successful teen flick Juno, clearly aimed this movie at teenagers and young adults by including lame teenage slang and absurd amounts of sexual content; not that many people were complaining!

Jennifer, played by the gorgeous Megan Fox (Transformers) and her best friend Needy (Amanda Seyfried) live in a small town called Devil’s Kettle which rarely gets any excitement, so when a popular band are coming to town and playing at a local bar, the two jump at the opportunity to attend. Tragic events occur at the gig when the bar catches on fire from the electrical equipment, causing mass panic and chaos and resulting in a number of deaths. The band playing at the bar act like the heroes of the situation and take advantage of a petrified and rather immature Jennifer, taking her away in their van. Jennifer’s best friend, and the more mature and sensible Needy obviously fears for the worst but couldn’t do anything to stop the situation.

Jennifer eventually turns up at Needy’s house a couple of hours later covered in blood and looking like she just got hit by a train; still managing to look hot of course. Acting strange and spewing up an unseen before black liquid, Needy knows something happened to Jennifer that night. The local boys attending the highschool in Devils Kettle begin to get murdered and cannibalised, and certain acts occur that make Needy become very suspicious that Jennifer has indeed become possessed by an evil spirit and has a new favourite food; boys. It’s now up to Needy to stop Jennifer before she can cause anymore Havoc around Devils Kettle and more importantly eat Needy’s boyfriend, Chip (Johnny Simmons).

jennifers body1 Jennifers Body Review

Not the best or most original storyline I’ll admit, but then movies aimed towards the young adult audience rarely contain a gripping storyline and instead entertain the masses through crude humour and hot girls, which there’s plenty of in Jennifer’s Body. The film surprisingly fits into the horror genre quite well with some tense moments that threaten your manliness and make you jump out of your seat; you know it’s coming, but not when or how, and that’s what makes Jennifer’s Body and many other recent horror films jumpy. There’s a few laugh out loud moments but not enough to class the film as a comedy, and the rare comedy moments are again mostly sexually orientated. An example of this is when Needy and Chip are having sex for the first time and Needy has an image of Jennifer sitting in a nearby chair and this makes Needy scream; followed by a smirk comment from her boyfriend Chip asking “am I too big?”

Jennifer’s Body has once again proven in my eyes that Megan Fox isn’t a great actress and is exploited in films due to her looks. Some terrible dialogue in the film probably didn’t help her case, but Fox’s performance seemed to lack any power or excitement. A lesbian kissing scene shows a new side of Fox and will definitely help to attract male audiences to the cinema! Two females actually walked out with disgust at this point, so taking the risk of targeting one specific sex instead of both males and females might hurt the films ratings and viewings. Although Megan Fox was a let down, Amanda Seyfried produces a very strong performance and has made me sit up and take note of her future performances. Unlike Fox, Seyfried manages to show emotions extremely well such as crying and anger, and I believed her character Needy was actually involved in the bizarre situations she was portrayed in.

Overall, Jennifer’s Body has some decent scary and comical moments but has to go done as just another teen movie that will get added to an already packed catalogue. Go into the film with a light-hearted attitude and not expecting a great film, and you might just come out with a smile on your face.

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