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Personalise your PS3 Slim!

Have you ever fancied a multicoloured console instead of the plain and unimaginative design these expensive machines come with? The company Colorware allow you to send in your PS3 slim and get it personalised whatever way your crazy mind can think up. Unfortunately your PS3 has to be Region 1 (I have no idea why…) so that rules me out, and it costs a hefty $150! You must either hate the colour black with a passion or be loaded to use this service, but it’s a pretty cool idea. You can also purchase a Brand New PS3 Slim from the website, with the 120GB model costing $475 and the 250GB console costing $525. Check out the pictures; you can surprisingly create some cool looking PS3s!

custom ps3 slim mod colorware Personalise your PS3 Slim!

colorware ps3 slim paint job Personalise your PS3 Slim!

If you’re feeling incredible rich (or stupid), why not purchase a Gold PS3! There’s only 5 of these beauties being made in the world, and I must say, they look pretty good! I think I’ll be sticking to my standard Black console icon sad Personalise your PS3 Slim!

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Personalise your PS3 Slim!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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