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Digger Simulator Review
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Another sim game. Yep, and this is Digger Simulator.

Ok, if you haven’t guessed the content of this game then I pity you. But still, there is always bashing blocks together or chasing parked cars to go back to? Ok, ladies and gents now the riff-raff has gone we can get down to brass tacks.

Digger Simulator has several different “levels” to play and involve using different digging and earthmoving equipment in different locations. The biggest attraction and nay, the biggest digger in the game is the 50,000 ton, German made, open mine digger.

OK, so I jumped on board and the controls are designed to be as complex as the real thing (did I say sim?) and the manual does so mention this at length. I settled into it after a few minutes of looking at the manual (more about that in a minute) and I was off! I think I was over estimating what was going to happen here.

I moved the giant digger into position and started to churn the scree with my hopper. I was delighted to see that the mined stuff make its way along the conveyers in the massive machine but very quickly that stopped when I slipped up and wasn’t paying 100% attention to the game. I was met with an angry screeching noise and this happened a few times for the next few minutes until i dedicated all my attention to controlling it.

One of my biggest gripes is the lack of a tutorial mode or notifications. Everything is in the manual and you must constantly refer to it when the digger onscreen makes an unhappy grinding noise. I became bored very quickly after this, but i did stick it out for 30 minutes on the open mine (play it and you will know that 30 minutes is a long, long time) and to be honest, it didn’t become any better.

There are basic settings and you can adjust the screen, graphics and controls etc. No multiplayer to speak of but I can’t help my mind buzzing at the prospect of digger racing online. Shame. You do get trophies for doing missions at speed or correctly arranged in bronze, silver and gold (maybe made from the minerals you dig up? Hmmm…sorry, drifting off there) but no online leader boards to show them off, you are reserved to telling your mates in person down the pub (should you survive that long).

The graphics are not going to tax almost anyone’s system and I guess the audience for this game isn’t going to have £2,000 gaming rigs. You could happily boot this up on your grannies beige-coloured PC, located in her back room used more for drying clothes then actual computer stuff.

I’m sorry, but I found this game dull. I cannot think of any better word or say it in any kinder way. Moving a collecting hopper around the gravel slope time and time again is dull. I can imagine that in real life (yes, i referred to real life in a computer game review) that piloting such a massive machine as the excavator would be awesome and a real big boys toys moment. This game just cannot mirror that experience and that’s a shame because i think if i had the chance i would jump at driving a 50,00 ton machine.

This line of simulator games is shallow and very 2D. I only say it because these games are made to do one thing only. You won’t find these games rivalling the cinematic experiences of triple A titles but then they aren’t MADE for that reason. I will commend the developer for putting in more than one “digger experience” by changing up the diggers and location but this game by far is the most “niche” of all the sim games released by Excalibur.

Sometimes I wonder who plays these games and who the audience is to be honest. But they are out there, somewhere and these sim reviews are for you. What I do in the name of game reviewing, eh? I would steer 95% of the gamers out there away from this title because, trust me, you won’t like it. I tried to find something I could enjoy but I, and the game, failed to find anything. I won’t be coming back to this game because I did not find it fun and I’m all about escapism in my games. Reviewed on the PC. I feel the die-hard digger sim groupies digging my grave now (pun very much intended,sorry).

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Rating: 7.4/10 (10 votes cast)
Digger Simulator Review, 7.4 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
  • Dan

    iam willing to try simulators some but this would be boring and the tjhing is they never seem to close to real life i hadf a train game once and it was shit

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