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Unemployed Gamers Own DJ Hero?

Now you maybe asking, what has this got to do with gaming? Well hear me out! Myself and Sam Bage reviewed the excellent DJ Hero yesterday and realised that none other than Government Funded job search/agency Job Centre Plus has been using the game to try and get people back to work. Perhaps I should go on the dole? I never knew that people claiming the JSA had the money to go out and spend £100 on DJ Hero. Who is with me! It must one of the stupidest moves made by the Government when it comes to videogames. Or if it wasn’t the Government responsible for the choice of games the advert would be displayed in, then the game ad supplier should certainly be responsible for making one of the stupidest errors possible in the world of advertising.

I wonder how long it will be before it’s pulled off the servers itself? Activision should also be responsible for the type of advertising that runs in the game, the chances of a Job Centre Plus advert being held inside a nightclub is extremely remote, if we have to live with advertising at least make it relevant! Adverts for the new Leona Lewis album may have been adequate, not adverts for the doll ridden unemployed who spend their money on DJ Hero instead of food. What a joke!

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