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Bubble Town 2 Review
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Bubble Town 2 is ‘bursting’ with value and that is how i’ll start this review. Especially since when we got this game for review it has seemingly dropped in price to only 0.99$ and no i can’t be bothered to work out the conversion but its cheap people, its cheap. Now for those that are purists you could say this game hat tips from games such as Bust-A-Move and BskyB’s Bee Hive Beedlam game, but it does a whole lot more than just bubble popping. New to this year is a lob shot feature, which allows you to target bubbles within the field of bubbles. It’s a great addition which gives you the option to seemingly chain together some fantastic shots. Another difference between Bubble Town 2 and its originators is that it has a rebound area, so you can bounce the bubbles off one side of the screen to angle your shot around bubbles the wrong colour. Even the top of the playing field can be rebounded meaning that the level design has more flexibility and different variations. Nice.

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So how much beef does this game have? 45 levels! and its not just a drab affair of the same background each time either, within every 5 or so levels the game creators I-Play throw something new at you, whether it be sleeping bubbles that need to be woken up or the playing field pushing you into a popping frenzy against a set number of moves. As you will see from the screenshots Bubble Town 2 is nicely presented, its colourful, imaginative and diverse from each area you come across. The game even has achievements, pretty sweet huh? If you really want to go for the bragging rights you can even post your best scores to Facebook, fantastic for those that whore social media to death.

When reading the press release I-Play do sell the lob feature by mentioning the accelerometer feature, but we used it and quite frankly, it aint that accurate, so we tend to go for the manual press throw. A second mention has to go to the fact that the sound and music in this game aren’t of the greatest quality. The bitrate is pretty awful resulting in that tinny sound, but the option to have the music off is a relief. Heck, i even get the impression that I-Play knew it wasn’t that great by offering the feature to disable it, before even starting a new session.

If you want any more incentive to buy this game, then it has 12 power ups, whether it be a bubble that will rip through any bubbles in its path, to the incredibly handy accuracy improver. This is a well deserved game that simply cannot be faulted for its price. Those with iPhones and have got the 5 minute twitch, grab yourself a copy of Bubble Town 2, its a damn steal!

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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
Bubble Town 2 Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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