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Galactic Bowling Review
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If the quality of games such as Galactic Bowling will be the norm for iPhone games in the future, then there is simply no point buying a Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP anymore. I don’t think i can praise it anymore than the above statement. Galactic Bowling pushes the quality of budget iPhone games to brand new heights. Admittedly the game did retail at around £5.00 when it first released, which you could argue was a worthwhile purchase in itself. Stereo quality audio, pristine visuals, lovely character art and design work melded in to a game that now costs less than £1.00 It’s an insane price point for such a quality game and it has the potential to destroy the relevance of handheld gaming systems in the future.

galacticbowling1 Galactic Bowling Review

Without giving this game too much plaudits, I know i’m carried away. It’s one of the first cheap price point games i’ve come across with such high quality finishing. Galactic Bowling boasts a whole campaign mode with an apocalyptic storyline, quite funny real it would be something that you can imagine the likes of Trey Parker (creator of South Park) coming up with. There is a big inter-galactic bowling tournament to decide the fate of the universe! Outlandish, but funny and they haven’t cut corners in delivering this storyline either, the audio is pristine, eventful and the story artwork is of a beautiful hand-drawn quality when the characters get introduced.

Speaking of the characters this game has them with real charm, each character has there own unique voice, style and special moves that get them automatic strikes or spares. One of the characters we played with, caused a Tsunami down the bowling alley, whilst one of the female characters threw the ball over her head and STRIKE! It’s with this that Galactic Bowling has an undenyable charm about it. So how does the bowling pan out? You have a power meter you tap and you can use the touch enabled screen to move your character left/right to position it for the best possible shot.

Unfortunately the title doesn’t seem to have any spin control, which is a shame but some of the powerups that can be used in battle will have you using your wits as you try and counter-act an earthquake powerup, stand to the right or left (depending on your characters favoured bowling arm) of the lane you’ll find the ball spin inwards as the lane shake. There are an array of powerups including the earthquake and steal powerup which can be used in campaign mode. For those that don’t have time to get into the campaign mode they can just jump in with the quickplay option, which is nice because you get to play as some of the Alien characters. I quite like the Alien characters as their special moves are quite good, like shooting the bowling ball out of a stinger missle launcher. Nice!

I do get the feeling in the campaign mode that the power-ups sometimes take away the balance of skill in the later stages of the campaign, sometimes you are having to meddle with using the correct power ups to win matches, rather than bowling skill but neither less it’s an absolute attention stealer. Given its now lowered price point, its one of the steals of the iPhone gaming century. Perpeptual Creative FX need a medal for this release, its quality is undenyable, even from the attention to detail in each lane there is. This is every bowling fans dream come true and a real purchase incentive for those that are crap at bowling in real life!

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Rating: 8.0/10 (1 vote cast)
Galactic Bowling Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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