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Dean’s Gaming Christmas List

It’s finally December 1st, and what a year it’s been, there’s been ups and downs all year round and a few things have come along that have changed things quite a bit for me, my birthday is coming up on the 15th (Don’t hold back on presents people!) and then Christmas is only about a week later, the gaming industry this year has had more hits than Take That and Flops as bad as thinking about Maggie Thatcher on a cold winters day whilst having sex. So this is my top ten list of games and accessories I want for Christmas and my birthday, feel free to send any over if you have them (just kidding, but seriously, send em’)

10 – I-Ex Gaming Chair

Kicking off the list with an accessory is an odd start, but after seeing Sam’s review of this monster I instantly said ‘I WANT ONE OF THOSE!’ but only if it has built in Ok Go music… thing is, if I bought one of these beasts I would have to move my entire gaming setup downstairs and onto the old relatively small TV that my parents spend their time watching the One Show and I’m a Celebrity on, not perhaps the best gaming set up when everybody can hear you yelling at Americans down your brand new Turtle Beach headset you just unwrapped.

9 – Nintendo Wii Points Cards

Perhaps my most overlooked and underplayed console, unfortunately the Nintendo Wii never really hit me too hard to keep me coming back for more, I’ve had a few game I enjoyed here and there and I used to have my console homebrewed and with the dark wizardry that is emulation I could play most of my old NES games on there, unfortunately since having reinstalled the homebrew channel NES games run slow and the music is either incredibly fast or slow like oxford street queues on Christmas eve. Being able to buy some games like Super Mario Bros. 3 and the classic Megaman series would be a treat, but points cards are something I’ll see in a shop, but never pick them up.

8 – James Cameron’s Avatar – The Game

After having played this twice, once at MCM expo on a regular screen and another at eurogamer in the jaw droppingly good 3D, I can safely say this has sealed a purchase for me, as did Borderlands and Assassins Creed 2. Not only is this a first for next-gen 3D gaming, but it was also kept under wraps by a brilliant games company this year – Ubisoft, the movie trailer looks awesome, the game IS awesome, and I’m hoping that it will be wrapped up in solid gold foil.

7 – Haynes Videogame Manual

‘The perfect book to read on the toilet’ is something you would never see on the poster for something, but I think this will deserve it. The novelty of reading about general death, destruction, how Peter Andre is upset and staring blankly at page 3 is wearing off nowadays, so an interesting book that will get you in the know about your consoles is something to be marvelled at, so now I can sit on the toilet, reading about the death of consoles, destruction of businesses, how Jack Thompson is upset about GTA, and staring blankly at the PS3.

6 – Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

A relatively old game now considering how quickly things have moved along the last few months, but, still one looking good, I’ve been looking for a tactical shooter and am having massive withdrawal symptoms from anything that involves careful combat, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was amazing with mates over, as long as they hadn’t been playing too much Call Of Duty beforehand…

5 – DJ Hero

Now, I’ve been DJ’ing for around a year now, bedroom mixes and scratching are some things I’ve picked up over time, and I must say, It’s a damn lot of fun, problem is, with real decks you can’t play two player, sure you can have a few mates over and let them play about a bit, but with me it tends to be ‘DON’T SCRATCH IT LIKE THAT! YOU’LL BREAK THE NEEDLE’ so usually, we don’t do that. The hundred quid price tag does seem rather steep, and it’s probably something I would pick up in the new year during the January sales along with a shitload of Vinyls from HMV (Big ups to their HQ for expanding all vinyl floor space!)

dj hero 1 Deans Gaming Christmas List

4 – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

I honestly can’t believe I haven’t bought this game yet, at the time it was a choice of waiting for this or picking up Borderlands, and after having played it at MCM it was as I mentioned before, an instant purchase, in fact, I picked it up on my way home, in a busy rush hour London Game store. A friend of mine has been nagging me to pick this up since he bought it on launch, and I had played it at eurogamer, but again, as with the Wii points, something I never got around to buying.

3 – A Gaming PC

A lot of people will argue that PC gaming is the original and best system, for some things I agree, for others I don’t, modding games has always been an interest of mine, and the amount of fun I had with Garry’s mod for Half Life 2 a few years back is breathtaking, now I’m a bit more grown up, I think I’d be able to do much more than killing Kleiner in various ways (Dropping about 300 baths on him was definitely one of my favourites.) So being able to play around with massive games like Far Cry 2 and Crysis would be amazing. Another plus with this would definitely be the ability to run FL Studio 9 through some massive speakers and an HD monitor, Tasty stuff.

2 – A whole bunch of OST’s

Video game music can be fantastic, from epic scores to music by unknown bands, soundtracks for games are something I listen to online, but would love to own hard copies of, some of my favourites being the Final Fantasy games, including the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII, the amazing Mirrors Edge (Words can’t describe it) and Assassins Creed 2’s blend of orchestra and trip hop. Guitar hero winning the best soundtrack this year is something that is unfortunate, a collection of songs that are already released doesn’t really count as an OST for me, unless the soundtrack is specifically by one band, for example, The Pillows doing the FLCL Soundtrack, that was an amazing album. Which brings us to our number one spot.

1 – Vouchers and Money

Perhaps a disappointing one for some of you, as it is incredibly unspecific, however, this year we have seen some truly amazing games and next year looks to be taking off with a kick start in January with the releases of MAG, Bayonetta and Dark Void leading us into February with Bioshock 2, Split Second and the brilliantly original Heavy Rain. MAG is an intense shooter that I had the pleasure of playing at Eurogamer, with absolutely no lag at all, and the online Beta still going on at the time. Bayonetta was a game I played at MCM Expo and its extreme difficulty was definitely something that kept me hooked and wanting to see the part where her skimpy top changes into a giant monster. 2k games are also looking to be heading things up this year with Bioshock 2, the long awaited sequel to an amazing game that kept me going for hours.

The big one for me within the first few months of next year however, is Final Fantasy XIII, it’s been a rough ride for Square on this one, losing lots of customers by selling out to Microsoft and even possibly damaging the Playstation 3’s sales, despite still optimizing and glamming up the game exclusively for the Playstation, the fan boys weren’t happy at all, but from what I’ve seen, this is looking to be immense, the soundtrack alone gives me enough incentive to buy the game. With a whole host of new games and promising things form companies coming next year, it doesn’t look like Modern Warfare 2 has had as big of an impact on the gaming market as I expected.

So that wraps everything up (excuse the pun) and I hope that you all have a proper crimbo, leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you guys want.

-Dean Case

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Dean's Gaming Christmas List, 5.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
  • James Joell-Ireland

    Great read, a good distraction from seeing my beloved football team getting hammered.

  • Bax

    Great stuff mate :) P.S Don’t get Avatar it’s shite :P Well not worth £40 anyway

  • https://?u=DnJGaming Dean Case

    Wow bax, my gameplay time says otherwise, unless it got worse :(

  • bkmelendez

    It’s confirmed by IGN, Avatar is just another shite game based on a motion picture. Stay away from this title. I’d only recommend 2 items from this wishlist and I don’t include the money: Uncharted and the Alienware PC gaming computer.

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