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Megaman Zero Collection Screenshots

Capcom has today announced that the Mega Man Zero Collection is coming to the Nintendo DS. Previously only available on GameBoy Advance these four Mega Man Zero titles have been brought together on one DS cartridge to deliver the most exhilarating handheld Mega Man action you can get. The Mega Man Zero Collection is scheduled for release this summer.

Zero 2 bmp jpgcopy Megaman Zero Collection Screenshots

One of the most frustrating but rewarding game series's ever.

Well, you can’t say you won’t get your monies worth and from the screens they’ve kept it original as possible. Interesting series, Megaman. I know allot of our readers love the series, I often found myself getting frustrated to hell. But like I say, it’s all down to how much of a good gamer you are and needless to say as the editor at the site, i unfortunately am that bad i couldn’t complete N+ Ah well!

Zero 4 bmp jpgcopy Megaman Zero Collection Screenshots

Up, Up and Away!

Not many screenshots available at the moment, but you get the picture. It’s Megaman. There were a few more screenshots but they were about the size of a postage stamp! Needless to say, for those addicted to Megaman you will be well and truly satisfied on the move in Summer 2010

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