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Military Madness: Nectaris Review
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If only it held your hand a little more

I don’t know much about the history of the Nectaris series, all I know is that Military Madness: Nectaris is simply a reboot of the original with much polished visuals, multiplayer and additional maps for the Wiiware version. Basically the premise of the game is that, the scum of the earth get sent to the moon and conveniently a precious substance is found under the surface. So they use the anti-social criminals to mine for the substance and use them as slaves to the cause. The slaves rebel, take over the moon and now it’s your job to take control back. By some miracle which isn’t explained, the slave race have, access to all manners of combat vehicles under the sun. The small intro ends and your ready to start the game.

Hexagonal battle system

I would recommend first reading through the combat classes. One thing the game has at its disposal is a number of combat vehicle classes including mortars, a variety of tanks, man controlled robots, jet packed soldiers and transportation vehicles on the ground and air. Each combat vehicle has its strengths & weaknesses and information is also provided to its range, a nice touch. So how does it play? Well the best way to describe it would be a tactical game of chess, but thought needs to be made more towards what support you have around you and strength of your class types and terrain. Its nearest comparative is probably advance wars on the Nintendo DS. Your army can run on a hexagonal path and attack from left, right, behind and in front. In the basic principle Hudson have got this right, however in the single player mode something went drastically wrong.

When the developers made this game, they must have stolen the Garry Kasparov computer to control the A.I. Like a game of chess, it’s no fun to be beaten to a pulp and that’s what this game decides to do to you on the third mission. From making the introductory two levels rather easy, the difficulty spike jumps to heady heights and without introducing all the vehicle & combat classes to the fore and that, is a mistake. Hudson should have gradually held your hand into this game, instead of throwing you in the deep end and left to blow up the life raft in deathly currents. So you’re going to get frustrated and will probably have to resort to looking at other strategies online, to help you pace this through. If this was an action to be faithful to the original game, then it would make perfect sense as games released in the 1980’s were ridiculously difficult to mask the games lack of true length (due to space issues).

thumb Military Madness: Nectaris Review

Beasts of combat, don't mess with them!

Multiplayer on the other hand, puts you on an even footing. Maps are served for 2-4 players online and thankfully it has an offline versus and battle mode. This is a relief because already the online servers seem pretty hard to find matches and whilst there are no signs of the servers shutting down, you will need a friend at hand to take part in the combat. Another plus side to the Multiplayer element is down to having the Commander Unit which will enable players to spend points in specific areas, whether you wish to spend them on yourself or your enemies to destruct their abilities, is totally up to you. It’s a nice addition, one that adds another layer of strategy.

Like all turn based strategy games, they could do with giving the players a helping hand and unfortunately Military Madness just doesn’t do such a thing, so be prepared for allot of trial and error to reap the rewards that are to be found in this title. Most surprising is the fact that there aren’t allot of TBS games available on the downloadable platforms and as it stands there doesn’t seem to be much else out there that rivals Military Madness too much, unless you like your battles card based. Graphically the game is adequate, the battle animations are boring but these can be sped up to ensure a fast game is played. Hudson even has a colour blind mode so its accessibility is most definitely high. The sound effects in the game are pretty good and the music theme thankfully doesn’t get annoying.

MilitaryMadness3 685x385 Military Madness: Nectaris Review

Did the gameshow, Blockbuster take over the screen?

Don’t be put off by our score of 3/5 stars, the game puts itself down with its rather empty and frustratingly difficult single player mode, but look past this and you have a fairy sturdy turn based strategy game that can be enjoyed online and offline in a multiplayer capacity. You’ll get your monies worth, if you put the effort in.

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Military Madness: Nectaris Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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