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Runaway Twist Of Fate Screens

“The great adventure game Runaway “A Twist of Fate” unveils itself once again through 2 exclusive series of screenshots, from both the PC and, for the very first time, from the Nintendo DS version! These images well speak for themselves and show the hard work Péndulo Studios put into this grand adventure, ending once and for all the great Runaway saga that had a strong influence on adventure games over the past few years.”

RATOF PC01 1024x678 Runaway Twist Of Fate Screens

You sir, are charged with cutting off your nan's electric supply.

We’ve taken a sudden interest in Runaway: Twist of Fate. Mainly because we pretty much played our first Focus Interactive title since launching the website back in June 2009. The game in question? Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack The Ripper and be sure to check our review of that soon. Whilst we can’t say much about this title at the moment, the art style is beautiful and anything visually a treat we simply cannot ignore, My Dear Watson!

RATOF PC02 1024x678 Runaway Twist Of Fate Screens

The pigs are out in force. Sorry, police! (Please don't put us on the terrorism database!)

”The adventure has never been so beautiful. Based on a deep story full of twists, it often humorously pays tribute to movies or cult series. The game has been largely improved visually, thanks to a new game engine: high resolution backgrounds, more detailed characters, livelier animations and more expression during dialogs, giving the impression of watching a great animated movie.”

RATOF PC03 1024x678 Runaway Twist Of Fate Screens

Obviously a murder, either that or the interior designer needs shooting!

”For the first time, the game offers to players a funny and inventive help system, in the form of the “players in distress” office managed by Joshua, one of the series’ crazy characters. Always with great humour, Joshua’s interventions will point the players in the right direction for any puzzles. Calling Joshua is always funny and represents a real story within the story!

Runaway “A Twist of Fate” is scheduled to be released in March 2010 on PC and April 2010 on Nintendo DS™.”

RATOF PC04 1024x678 Runaway Twist Of Fate Screens

That angel looks as depressed us our staff with lack of coffee.

So there we have it. Interesting indeed. One thing i think Focus Interactive have done well in doing is pin pointing the release the best prospective markets. Releasing this on Xbox 360, PS3 wouldn’t be the cleverest idea, the DS and PC are the ideal formats and arguably on Wii too. We’ll hope to have a full review of the game in March, hopefully prior to release day!

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