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Royal Envoy Preview

If Alan Sugar was still a child, he’d play this!

When we were handed a game called Royal Envoy to preview, we thought perhaps this would mean cavorting with the elite and pretending to give a damn about those less fortunate than us. Luckily a game wasn’t made of this and good thing too, because it would of been disastrous and would have only sold units by bankers buying their children a videogame that teaches them to be rich and eat caviar. Don’t be deceived, Royal Envoy is spicing up to be a sturdy casual title that…isn’t match 3!

Maths isn't my brightest subject!

You play some sort of king’s servant or brown noser. I’ve not decided what, but thankfully I don’t look like him. You are tasked with re-building the islands around Islandshire after a series of devastating weather events cause islands to be decimated. You have to help re-build the island and juggle between building new property, collecting taxes and juggling with market stalls to barter. Now I must say at this point, we only played three of the islands in the preview, so no doubt they’re be more to it than that but in the opening levels we played, each island added some nice variation and element of strategy.

Technically you have unlimited time to achieve your set goals (which can be building a set number of houses, taking a set amount of gold or upgrading them) but there is also a gold level bar where you can unlock awards if you beat the level before the timer ends. It’s a nice mixture and thankfully you can also employ new staff at the King’s palace which throws back to the command & conquer games where you can process new infantry from their base. Building houses in Royal Envoy isn’t as simple as just having the money to build them, you also need to produce enough wood and to do that you need to build a, sawmill.

The general playing field of the game

There is a fair share of rinse and repeat but then aren’t all causal games the same? Playrix have been clever enough though, to throw in something fresh just before it gets stale to keep your attention. In terms of storyline, it’s pretty woeful but it ties together the level elements and the hand drawn cut-scenes are cute if not a little infantile. The general presentation of Royal Envoy is very impressive, there is a real attention to detail from the workers pushing wood into the, sawmill, to hammering the walls of houses to upgrade them, it’s all served and animated.

The sound is fresh and quite an ambient soundtrack and I don’t think Playrix need to meddle around with this until full release, everything in the preview build looks promising if not overwhelming but the price point will really be the sticking factor when this goes to market. I’d give Royal Envoy a spin, I will most certainly go back to it, just to see what new strategy element comes into play on the next island. Did I mention pirates aboard your ship? I won’t say anymore, my lips are sealed. The game will be available exclusively on at the end of February and no doubt we’ll be there for the full review.

Until then, pay up you rent!

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Royal Envoy Preview, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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