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iPhone: MiLi Powerskin Review
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The MiLi Powerskin is a sleek looking external power pack for the iPhone 3G/3GS. Available in a range of colours the Powerskin is an item which will provide you with additional battery power at times where you are unable to get to an iPhone charger. It looks good, it feels good and what’s more is that is delivers what you need; “Power”.

Black & Green

It boasts the following additional power;
Standby Time: Up to 320 Hours
Talk Time: Up to 3.9 Hours
Internet Use: Up to 3.9 Hours on 3G & Up to 4.8 hours on Wi-Fi
Audio Playback: Up to 19 Hours
Video Playback: Up to 5.4 Hours

The Powerskin is easy to charge up with the mini USB cable supplied. Simply plug it into your iPhone plug or your PC/Laptop and watch the beauty charge with ease. When charging, the Powerskin lights up on the side adding another element of style. You can charge it with or without your iPhone and whats more is that when you link it to your computer it charges and syncs with iTunes. Awesome!

The Powerskin is an impressive piece of kit and is certified by Apple so you know that you are getting a product which is reliable, effective and design perfect. The skin weighs a total of 79.5g which is nothing and only adds a few millimetres around the circumference of your iPhone so it still fits in your pocket.

White & Orange

With Apple iPhone’s popularity continuously growing and it becoming one of the leading smart phones on the market it most definitely is a must have accessory for both personal and business users alike. You should all know by now the iPhone isn’t just a mobile phone it’s a hand held computer capable of internet browsing, video and audio streaming, GPS and more so what a better way to extend its capabilities without the worry of losing power half way through the day. We all know how frustrating that can be as iPhone users, the iPhone battery is probably one of the only things that lets it down.

The RRP for this item is £59.99 however you can purchase majority of the colours today at a reduced cost of £49.99. Pricey, yes however don’t forget this is adding additional battery life to your iPhone thus giving you more time whilst out and about to do things you love doing. Imagine this, at the end of the day you’re expecting an important phone call, you know your battery is low so you’re worried about using your iPhone at all. This provides you peace of mind ensuring you always have a back up. It’s not an essential purchase but in my eyes a worthwhile one. Let’s face it if Apple were to charge an additional £50 for an iPhone with longer battery life the majority of us would have brought into it right away.

For its sleek design and practical use we score this piece of iPhone gadgetry 4.5 out of 5

So visit and chose your colour today.

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Rating: 5.2/10 (15 votes cast)
iPhone: MiLi Powerskin Review, 5.2 out of 10 based on 15 ratings
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