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400 Microsoft Points, an absolute steal!

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The one film I have been anticipating since it’s announcment in 2009… a recreation of George A Romero’s classic motion picture “The Crazies”. Before I go on explaining why I dub this film a revolutionizing zombie flick, I will let out some of the plotline so spoiler alert guys! I also feel the need to [...]

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Never in my life did I ever dream of venturing into outer space and travelling to distant planets to explore the furthest reaches of the universe. To me space has always been dull and so have space-based games and for the same reason. That reason is really conveyed by the word itself… space. As in [...]

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Computer hacker wins nobel peace prize Introversion are a niche developer whom have found a dedicated fan base. One of my favourite games of theirs definitely has to be Uplink. That game was pretty epic and I was hoping for a little more of that awesomeness in Darwinia+ for the XBLA. Sadly it doesn’t quite [...]

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Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. today announced several new additions to the PC online distribution platform GamEssence ( including: Sudoku Ball™ Detective: Assume the role of a small town detective and solve a murder by completing several Sudoku puzzles with a “revolutionary” twist. A “Sudoku Ball” consists of six interlinked Sudoku puzzles mapped out on a 3D [...]

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Hurrah! I’ve lost count amount of times I’ve bought a PS3 game, shoved the disk in the drive and wanting to instantly play the game, only to find I have to wait a ludicrous amount of time for the game to install. Fortunately I won’t have that fear when I purchase God of War 3 next [...]

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Using Twitter to announce news to the gaming world seems to be the cool thing to do these days. Mike Oldman, the Community Manager at the Square Enix London Studios, earlier today tweeted “The Just Cause 2 demo will hit Xbox Live, PSN and Steam on March 4th”. I for one can’t wait to play [...]

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Retarded isn’t the word…super retarded is Courtesy of the guys at we wake up on this gloomy Friday morning to something quite frankly hilarious. It has been revealed that a group of Sonic-fans have decided to go forth and boycott the DLC based Sonic 4. According to them on the basis of the leaked [...]

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I think everyone on the planet Earth has heard of PopCap Games, they’re responsible for some of the most addictive digital pastimes ever created including the life guzzling Peggle. They are the King of casual games. Yesterday they announced that their iPhone and iPod touch adaptation of Plants vs. Zombies has sold more than 300,000 [...]

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Safety is paramount When you think of portable DVD players, you think of the screen flipping up kind of like a laptop, however modern DVD players have inverted the rule and had the screen where you would imagine the lid would be and that’s a good thing because it compacts everything and makes it look [...]

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Dual Channel, Wireless & Stunning Wireless IR headphones, for many years they have been the bane of the audio world. Even the slightest piece of interference would cause havoc and scratchy audio in the home and if it wasn’t for the radiation causing the problem, the IR signal wouldn’t be strong enough to warrant having [...]

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W!Games announced today that their brand new turn-based strategy game Greed Corp is now available on PlayStation®Network and the Xbox LIVE® Arcade and can be yours for a reasonable $9.99/€9.99/£7.99 and 800 Microsoft Points respectively. W!Games promise an innovative experience where you attempt to outwit your opponent as one of four warring factions by tactically [...]

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What a nice surprise! Every Thursday, new content is put on the PSN store for us to download or, in my usual case, frown at. There was a big smile instead of the usual frown today though as I discovered a demo for the hotly anticipated God of War 3, due for release next month, [...]

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No one dies in a Volvo Well, it’s a new feature to our website and it’s probably one that you’ll appreciate. Free GOTM or for those that like the long description, free game of the month. Each month we’ll deliver you our favourite game each month that is free and I’ll be encouraging all of [...]

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Check out my video review of Aliens vs. Predator:

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It has finally arrived! I woke up this morning to find a painfully long wait had come to an end when I found out that Heavy Rain, the much talked about and anticipated PS3 exclusive title, had arrived on my doorstep. The Special Edition of the game is only available in Europe and exclusively from [...]

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