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Tumblebugs 2 [WiiWare] News

Press Release

Save your beetle buddies from the Black Bug Empire with conversion of Wildfire Studios’ celebrated casual game

Leading Indian game developer GameShastra is tomorrow setting free its first ever WiiWare title: the brilliantly addictive, effortlessly charming ‘Tumblebugs’, available on WiiWare on February 2nd in the US (800 Wii Points) and in March throughout Europe.

Originally developed by acclaimed casual game developer Wildfire Studios, the Tumblebugs games have proved to be a massive hit on PC with over 40 million downloads worldwide. The sequel expands on the team’s original design, offering a brilliant variation of the marble-popping genre, with a variety of modes designed to appeal to casual or hardcore players.

The evil Black Bug Empire is rounding up all the good bugs, and it’s the player’s job to save the day by firing rescuers into the ever-advancing line of prisoners as they are marched through the backyard towards their doom. Rescue bugs can be fired in any direction: when three or more of the same colour collide, they disappear: free enough bugs and the level is completed.

As the levels progress, the Black Bugs become more efficient, pushing the row of captives towards their lair ever faster. However, by planning chain reactions - where a series of coloured bugs disappear at the same time - or utilising some of the randomly-appearing power-ups, players can stay ahead of the game - just.

A story mode offers increasing challenges across 12 levels, spread across different backyards. A time trial mode allows players to go for high scores on their favourite maps, with the difficult levels gradually increasing as play progresses.

Tumblebugs 2 on Nintendo Wii refines the formula which has made the game such a success across PC, Mac and iPhone, making full use of the console’s motion-sensing controls and introducing Wii-specific mechanics. Graphically, the game rivals anything on WiiWare, with beautifully animated bugs traversing lush environments.

“Tumblebugs 2 is a perfect game for Nintendo Wii,” says Prakash Ahuja, CEO GameShastra, Inc. “It’s a much-loved concept which is a proven enormously popular with all types of games player: young, old, male or female, few can resist its charms. This version has been designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii, and we’re looking forward to seeing a whole new audience seduced by this brilliantly inventive action puzzle game.”

“We are tremendously excited to be able to play Tumblebugs 2 for Wii,” adds Darren Baker, CEO of Wildfire Studios. “All the love and attention to detail that made the PC version shine have translated brilliantly. The WiiMote provides a wonderfully natural way to play and adds a whole new dimension to the fun. We’re proud to see Tumblebugs 2 find a new home on WiiWare and to be able to share it with a new audience. GameShastra has done a great job.”

Tumblebugs 2 is available tomorrow in the US for Nintendo Wii, priced 800 Wii points. It will be released in Europe in March 2010.

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