Dean Case On February - 3 - 2010

Because there are other FPS games than Call of Duty…

Counter strike: source is deemed a classic by most old school FPS fans, not so much the Call of Duty generation, but the people who love the PC shooters that paved the way for what we have today. The amount of content this game has to offer is astounding for its age, and with it being on the PC people are still modding it to this day. I recently reinstalled the game after around a year of not playing it and god damn do I realise how much I missed this game, and the amount of n00b5 online is still fairly good, meaning I get a chance to do the Tetley Teabag now and then, as well as screaming ‘BOOM HEADSHOT’ every five minutes…

CSS comes bundled with Half Life 2, and runs on the acclaimed and still strong source engine, that quite a few games use today. This means that for the games time, the graphics were great on the default maps, with a style that looks totally different to its dad, Half Life, this is a good thing however, as futuristic and dark environments wouldn’t quite fit this game. The default maps in the game are well built and look lovely, as well as being extremely playable, and what with the options to make your own maps, the amount out there for download is immense and the community for them is still going strong. Guns, Models, and Props in the game look nice, with quite a few props being recycled from Half Life, this is fine however, as it’s not like zombie models are used for corpses (although if you want that on your map, then that’s doable too.) Guns are fairly realistic, and most of the time you have the option to attach a silencer with the right click button and change the fire mode of some guns, such as pistols and assault rifles. Character models are fairly good, despite there being just eight in the default game settings, four for the terrorist teams and another four for the Counter terrorist teams, however, extra character skins can be added to servers, these skins are often reserved for mods or top ranked players however.

Your control system is your average PC FPS controls, however, a PS3 or PC games controller can be used if you really must. One thing that I occasionally had a problem with is knifing, being accurate is pretty tricky, and unless you find out that right click does more damage (you can thank me later) you will be constantly wrecked by elites and Germans, although, you must remember, EVERYONE RUNS FASTER WITH A KNIFE!

Maps and addons are downloaded upon joining a server, and depending on your connection, they don’t take too long to download due to their fairly small sizes. Sound packs and admins files are also downloaded, meaning that you can use quake noises, intro music, effects on your characters after a kill streak and then the aforementioned ‘BOOM HEADSHOT’ sound bite that never ceases to make me grin like a kid again. Game modes can also be downloaded, allowing for special servers hosting games such as, hide and seek, Gun games, and zombie matches. Gun Games are definitely one of my favourite modes, as you kill enemies you level up in gun level, starting out with a Glock or other pistol and usually levelling to an M249 (Para) these games consumed my time when I started playing a few years back, and do now having reinstalled the game. Zombie games are something I have just got into, but unfortunately haven’t played them enough to write about fully. The basic premise is a giant game of Tag, with one player starting as a zombie (with just the knife equipped on their screen and a different model on the other players) and the others having to run away or kill said zombie. The Zombie player has to infect other players in order to win. How could I forget surf maps? Quick races to the end of a map with a scout sniper and a knife is always fun, and there is always a skill involved in knowing where to jump to at the right times.

The sounds are fairly decent, although some sound a little bit tinny (even with skullcandies on) but they are easily replaced, and if you know what you’re doing, a Call of Duty conversion kit can be installed just for the sounds, but to give the full CSS experience, its best to keep the originals.

This game is ran through steam’s online features, and therefore is cheat secured with VAC, most servers have this implemented, although if the admin allows cheats, then anybody can use them. Personally I used to host Desert Eagle games and set my player to noclip mode, meaning I can jump out of walls and ‘ghost’ people, before engaging with their head in a flurry of ballsack dippings and ‘tactical insertions’ (seriously, I had to put a Call of Duty pun somewhere in here.) Talking of steams servers, they are VERY good, and as I mentioned before, the game still has a flourishing community which appears to still be growing despite the games age and release of call of duty. There are simple extra features in the game such as graffiti tags, a weapon buying system and even a detailed text chat and radio system. This is definitely one of my favourite games, and takes me back to the days when I used Skype, had a high voice and played Runescape and Flash games (level 78 mage for the win… oh god, memories of no life…)

-Dean Case

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    Nice review bro.

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