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Aesops Garden Review
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The Rubix Cube is less complicated

I’m 24 years old and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve still not beaten the Rubix Cube. That’s equally embarrassing especially since I’ve seen some Chinese kid completed it in less than 30 seconds, it was crazy. However, I think I’ve now found another logically complicated videogame and this time I’m sure that it’s more complicated than the Rubix Cube itself. I will also ashamedly state that I only made it to Level 13 before I got stuck and started to look for help.

Anyone would think this is a NES screenshot eh!

The game that has been schooling my brain and making me appear rather dumb is Aesops Garden. Developed by Excalibur Studios this title is more than a brain teaser, it has a story and a pixel art presentation that is bound to endear retro gamers alike. Your mission is to dig up the weeds in each of one of your gardens, the reason why the weeds are there is because pesky rival gardener Alistair August has decided to be a prick and plant weeds everywhere to prevent you from having the best garden. The key to the game then is to learn how to interact with Aesops world and solve the puzzle or unearthing all the weeds in each level and opening the gate to the next garden.

It’s at this point I have the regret in telling you there isn’t a cameo appearance from Alan Titchmarsh or Charlie Dimmock. That’s a shame because I was hoping that they would appear in a small role wrecking someone’s front drive with planting Crysamthemum’s all over the place. But seriously, this game is seriously difficult and if you haven’t got the logical problems of moving wooden and ice blocks correctly then you’re going to find that using blocks as cover from scarecrows the final straw. What makes the combat annoying with this game is that, as soon as a scarecrow has thrown something at you, you can’t just runaway from the thrown object and that’s a shame because any normal person could, but not the gardener you control. So be warned, these levels are very frustrating and will require allot of trial and error to figure out the correct solution and the developer knows this because you have unlimited lives.

If I was to compare this game to anything, it would have to be Chips Challenge but I would have to say that Chips Challenge had a much more tolerable difficulty increment. Aesops Garden from as little as Level 8 can have you scratching your head wondering what on earth to do and given this game has 50 Levels you would of expected Excalibur Studios to let the user in a little gently. This then is a hardcore game and should only be purchased by those that like their games extremely challenging. Now the game comes in at a 240 Microsoft Points which is around £1.89, and because I’m such a fat bastard that comes in at around the price of a steak slice! I would happily go hungry and purchase this game over a delicious Greggs Steak Bake because it has a real longevity to it and I haven’t got to the shining armour of this game yet. So here it is;

dbpss 02 Aesops Garden Review

You'll have to contest with rivers, so freeze that sucker.

Aesops Garden has its own made achievements system and there are allot of them to them to unlock. This news will please those that love utilising the game past its completion threshold but the big trump card is the level editor. It’s extremely easy to create Levels in the game and you can create pretty much anything that the developer managed to re-create. In turn this means that the game has an infinite life span and with that, you simply cannot argue that this game provides good value for money.

On reflection then, you can gloss over the games faults and really enjoy this game in any shape or form. If your idea is just to play through the story mode then I recommend buying if you have the staying power and commitment. Audio whilst an admirable effort to create sound chip retro, nuances are achingly annoying and you must turn it off to stop yourself going completely insane. This game sits on Xbox Indie with real promise and whilst it’s not the best game on the plethora of 700+ titles to choose from, it’s one of the most visually engaging and curiously appealing.

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