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Tank Battle: Iron Warfare, a new game for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, is now available in the App Store. Tank Battle: Iron Warfare is a full-scale simulation World War II style tank game that propels players into their own tank and challenges them to navigate through enemy territory in a capture the flag style of gameplay.

battle1 TANK BATTLE: IRON WARFARE [iPhone/iTouch]

The game is the first developed by Judnich, a 19-year-old college student at Santa Clara University near San Jose, California who is a self-taught videogame developer.

“I got into programming when I was eight years old, when I bought an old 1980s era computer for $1 at a thrift store in Sonora, California,” Judnich said. “Pretty much the only thing you could do with it was program, so that’s when I started learning how to do it.”

Completely homeschooled, Judnich started teaching himself more challenging material at age 11 that his parents weren’t able to cover, such as calculus and advanced computer programming (C++, 3D graphics, etc.).

“I have always been interested in programming and I have always liked tanks, so I thought it would be fun to develop a tank game like this that I would enjoy playing,” Judnich added. “The last two years before I went to college, I created a bunch of interesting projects, the main highlights probably being a technology capable of displaying hundreds of thousands of virtual trees at high frame rates for computer games, as well as a technology for displaying 3D planets down to practically as much resolution as is desired - and of course I finished most the Tank Battle game just before I went off to college.”

Tank Battle: Iron Warfare can be found on the Apple App store for $1.99 here.

Tank Battle: Iron Warfare features include:

  • Fast-paced tank combat action and base capture gameplay with up to eight intelligent AI tanks battling it out across approximately one square mile, completely 3D battlefields
  • 20 levels that get more difficult as you advance
  • Play as either the German, Soviet or United States teams
  • Utilize the Accelerometer to master the precise aiming control to take out the opposition
  • Several different tank models to choose
  • Hidden Easter eggs in advanced levels

For more information about Tank Battle: Iron Warfare, why not visit

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TANK BATTLE: IRON WARFARE [iPhone/iTouch], 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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