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The Nokia X6 Video & Picture Test

One of the biggest things I missed about the iPhone 3G was the fact it had both a poor digital camera and also no video at all. Well, it did have video but for some reason Apple felt that it needed to block it to save on its data streaming. It’s video quality isn’t that great anyway, as we wanted to test it for curious purposes. So for many social media buffs out there, we’ve been lacking a little unless we were going to pay for an upgrade to the 3GS. The problem with that is that there really isn’t enough on the 3GS to shell out another couple of hundred pounds, it simply was not practical. Well, I think I may well have found one of my new loves, the Nokia X6. It’s a charming little phone and you can tell its an evolution of its decades past. We’ll give you our full opinions on that in due course, but here is our audio and video roadtest.

As you can see from the video above, not only is the frame rate impressive the colour and the audio both stand extremely well for a camera of this nature. I was particularly surprised as the quality of the video was up there with Sony’s last generation HDD camcorders. For bloggers this type of quality into a phone convergance is exactly what people like myself need.

Primary 5 MP, 2592×1944 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Dual LED flash, video light
Features Geo-tagging
Video Yes, VGA@30fps

As you can see from the specifications above (courtesy of the camera has a Carl Zeiss optical lense and the video runs on VGA at 30 frames per second. You really appreciate that frame rate, as it’s smooth and silky. Dependent on your memory (the X6 has 32gig of internal memory) you can fulfill a good portion of filming depending on how much space you wish to commit to it. So lets take a look at the images, we’re running at 2592×1944 so we’re expecting some good shots here with a half decent depth of colour, below are ones that I took earlier.

Captures a winters day nicely.

What we have here is a standard outside shot. The camera pics up the metal erosion nicely in the background on this war monument. The browns and stone colours are nicely visualised and the poppy wreaths adorn the column nicely. The camera automatically noticed that no flash was required for this picture, so it’s intelligence is well placed.

04022010003 1024x768 The Nokia X6 Video & Picture Test

Intelligent camera automatically picked up that flash was needed.

The above picture was taken under a bridge. What i was particularly impressed by the X6 was the sheer fact that it realised that flash was needed and it also drew a circle around the white sign taking the flash emphasis away from it. It’s created a lovely picture here. Sure, the detail isn’t fantastic on the brick work but the composition cannot be ignored. Impressive stuff. The camera has a wealth of default settings and I want to go on record and state i meddled with none of them before I took any of these shots, nor did I dabble with Photoshop.

04022010004 1024x768 The Nokia X6 Video & Picture Test

The detail shot.

WOW, just look at the detail in this image. Not only is it picking up the water spots on wood, but also on the iron plaquard. Conclusively then, no further proof is required to prove how impressive the camera and video is on the X6, it’s a stunning piece of kit when it comes to these two options and if the choice of mobile your wanting to make really hinges on these features, then look no further as the X6 caters for your needs. Sure there are higher resolution cameras on offer, but often despite there mega pixel boasting the image character is often poor. Due to the intelligence of the camera on this phone 5 megapixels is more than enough to satisfy. Remember to check back for our full review of the Nokia X6 in the next coming week.

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The Nokia X6 Video & Picture Test, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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