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It’s an easy life, or is it?

As you should know by now, we’re no stranger to simulator games. However in the past this has been the job of resident PC guru Sam Bage. However, entering into the fore weighing too much for the Wii Balance Board is me, James Joell-Ireland back with an amazing new PC and entering life into the world of PC gaming for the first time. As an aside let me tell you something, I’ve always lambasted PC gamers and that they are old fashioned and set in their old ways that they haven’t made the console games. However, the PC not only offers games at a fraction of the price of console games, they also have the very best RTS games and of course, simulators.

Developed by Astragon, as the title suggests Fork Lift Truck Simulator 2009 has you coming home from work, to start work again by completing tasks as a driver inside a warehouse or goods yard retrieving pallets of goods to trucks or shelving them in the big warehouses themselves. The game offers a very nice tutorial mode which gets you to grips with the cameras which are mounted on the F keys and also the general other controls of the game. Now, you don’t need to be a genius to know that our reviews of the simulators we’ve received from Excalibur Publishing thus far haven’t exactly had a glowing response. However, like Euro Truck Simulator Gold we can confirm this game is interesting and strangely addictive.

forklift1 1024x819 Forklift Truck Simulator 2009 Review

Look at the ass on that forklift truck

Controls this time round are nice and easy, there aren’t a thousand and one keys to press, in fact you can go much of the game just using the mouse and direction button keys to do pretty much everything you need to do, this is great because there is not allot of memorising to do. The multiple camera views give you a good range of where your vehicle is, which is great for reversing, however at the beginning, the auto-camera does tend to latch on by default and an adjustment will need to be quickly made.

Picking up the pallets seems to probably be the most difficult aspect of the game and more often than not it’s the first pallet. Though saying that, putting pallets down also seem a little odd too, it’s a breeze in the opening mission but when you have to pick up goods and place them into lorries, they slide across the floor and refuse to come off of your forklift. So, what you are going to need with this game is allot of patience and the ability to be precise. If you are too aggressive you will no doubt damage the goods, if you’re too happy to drive around at leisure without taking advantage of the multiple camera views, then you could be paying for some new paint work. Each mission gives you 30 minutes to complete the task and whilst there are only 6 missions you may find this on the little light side for £24.99. If you aren’t naturally gifted at these types of games that money should last you allot longer than 3 hours. If you happen to be a rain man then the free play mode will also give you full use of the 3 STILL licensed forklifts to do as you please.

forklift2 1024x819 Forklift Truck Simulator 2009 Review

Inside the world of a pallet mover

I quite liked this game however one concern is its stability. I don’t want to down rate the game based on my experience but I found continuously that if you fail the mission three times in a row the game would crash. I cannot rule that out as being a compatibility problem or not, it could be a number of reasons, such as the complexities of home computers. If there is a problem with the final build I am positive that Astragon will provide a patch. Strangely interesting, but hard to really warrant the price tag simulator fans are going to love this game and I feel that new gamers to this genre will find that Fork Lift Simulator 2009 will provide one of the most accessible entries into the world of vehicle simulation titles. Unlike Crane Simulator this game actually involves you moving around and at decent speeds and as such it’s quite entertaining in a geeky train spotter kind of way.

A word on the graphics, they are adequate, no real stunning textures but nothing hideous. There is only two themed places to carry out the work too, so the environment can get stale and the game needs to be marked down for that.

If you are interested in learning more about Forklift Truck Simulator or any simulator for that matter, Excalibur Publishing are the UK’s premier distributor of all things simulation. So why not jump over there and have a look at their catalogue.

Reviewed on a 4gig Dual Core, Windows 7 PC with GeForce 9800 FX card.

Minimum Specifications for play

Windows XP/Vista, DirectX 9.0c, AMD-/Intel processor 1.8 GHz or higher (optimum 2.4 – 3 GHz), RAM min. 512 MB (XP) / min. 1 GB (Vista), DirectX 9 compatible graphic card, Windows compatible sound card, approx. 200 MB free disk space.

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