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Nokia X6 Review
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Music to my ears, horror for my wallet

You would have to be a complete buffoon to fork out £400-420.00 for the Nokia X6. The price is simply astonishing for what this phone is. However, throw this phone into a contract bundle and it looks allot more alluring. The phone we’ve road tested is the 32gig option, so if you can compensate for the 16gig version then the price will obviously be lower.

nokia x6 mobile phone Nokia X6 Review

Navigation & Ease of Use

Now that the audience with the attention spans of ADHD monkeys have gone, let’s plough into this phone and take a look into its positives and negatives. The Nokia X6 to us seems to be the re-imagining of their wobbly Xpress Music phone which failed to set the world alight. The first thing I do like about this phone then is how it feels in your hand and its overall size. It throws back a little to the old Nokia’s but without the chunkiness and the keypad. You’ll be glad to know that primarily the X6 is a touch screen based for navigation apart from switching menu’s which will require the press of a face button. The touch screen isn’t the best though, firstly it requires you to scroll by rolling your finger down the navigation bar on the right and then sometimes for whichever reason, your required to double press some applications for them to open, or press them once in others. How bizarre. Menu navigation on Symbian is also somewhat puzzling. Features such as the camera are hidden away when it’s one of the strongest points of the phone. So, for those who aren’t a dab hand on mobile phones, it’s not the easiest to navigate, so it’s probably best you stay away from this one.


Though the Ovi store will expand the plethora of games, The X6 doesn’t exactly have very good games on it. Arguably you could say that other competitors such as the iPhone don’t have any at all, but needless to say, many phones do have games attached to them. The most notable of the three games is Spore but its more like a poor man’s version of Feeding Frenzy. Either way, the hardware in the Nokia X6 isn’t as good as other mobiles out there, so I wouldn’t recommend the X6 if your intentions are to do a good portion of gaming on the side.


As a default the X6 doesn’t have a massive array of applications and tools. You have your standard calculator, currency conversion, contacts, calendar and a nice touch is the ability of adding in podcast feeds and support of RealPlayer. The major coup here is the free Ovi maps feature. Ovi maps provides a great way of navigating on a daily basis, the maps are really nicely presented with rich detail and after initial testing we were impressed and definitely preferred it compared to the iPhone’s Google Maps. As part of the phones purchase the maps are completely free, a nice touch as many plans charge for this type of service. Also bundled as expected is the Internet, its hardly surprising to see it on the phone but I do find that the browser is most certainly adequate and user friendly, despite complaints over reviews have made about it, we fail to see what the problem is.

Nokia Music Store

So, here is the money spinner right here. 1 of the 2 main reasons why this phone could be seen as a must purchase is that the X6 comes bundled with free access to the Nokia Music Store for 12 months. This gives you the ability to stream and download an unlimited amount of songs to both play on your computer or add to your X6. If taken advantage of, this really is a massive incentive to buy. We know through experience that record companies sell wholesale track vouchers at 70p a pop, thus making this a no brainer for those that love there music. Despite the phones costly entrance price if your willing to take advantage of the music for the first 12 months, you can easily make your money back from your purchase very easily. The Nokia music store itself is very impressive, its ridiculously easy to use. The small Ovi music player that resides in your computer is nice as well. Due to the unique aspect ratio of the Nokia X6 the music store application automatically converts artwork to the correct sizes before the transportation process takes place to your phone. There are simply millions of tracks to choose from too, ranging from today’s most popular artists to more niche genre’s like Movie Soundtracks, the Nokia Music Store isn’t a dusty basement full of unknown artists.

Picture & Video

The second megaton reason why you should buy this phone is down to the exceptional video and picture quality. To get an in depth view of this area, please drop by our road test of these features. Your getting five mega-pixels in terms of the digital camera with the same plethora of image set up functions that you would get with an ordinary digital camera. We tested the camera in various lighting situations and the phone repeatedly hit the mark with all our expectations. The auto-focus is extremely impressive and the phones quality is helped by the world renound Carl Zeiss lens. Perhaps what impressed me more than anything about this phone was the mind blowing video quality. If you love creating on the fly videos then definitely opt for the 32gig option, you’ll easily be able to record for at least 60 minutes without fuss. The video frame rate is smooth as silk, the audio quality is sharp and the image is colourful. Just what you need then. The video encodes to .mp4 which delivers a sharp image directly to Youtube. In some respects it totally voids touching any Flip Video products when this phone converges the video and photography aspect with absolute aplomb.

Speakers & Microphone

Enough of the praise, it’s time to get back to a negative, the speakers on the X6 are tinny and the provided headset doesn’t exactly scream quality with this phone. I often found it lacking in bite and a little tinny which is shame given the price tag on this piece of kit. In terms of the microphone, we tested it with a make shift pop-shield and whilst not as good as Apple’s 3G microphone, it’s perfectly adequate for audio commentary and dictation notes.


The Nokia X6 is a cute good looking phone that has some awesome styling. Symbian isn’t exactly the most user friendly phone, so be aware. The video, music and photo aspects of this phone stand out as the very best on the market and for those reasons you may want to consider taking a contract out for one of these. The standalone asking price is a little pricey to say the least but if your interests lie in the three areas we cover then don’t rule this phone out, you will be so impressed by the 12 month inclusion of free music and the stunning video quality you get with this phone. Whilst not the worst phone for gaming, you can see from the games alone that the X6 lacks the power to play anything remotely engaging. If you can get a good deal on a contract, give this phone a spin, you won’t regret it. If you have allot of money to piss up the wall then buy it outright but I still argue that it’s not worth the £400-£420 asking price. Perhaps then lay off for a little until the handset gets cheaper before taking the plunge for those that hate being held to a contract.

For full specs on this phone, check out the fantastic GSMArena website

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Nokia X6 Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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