James Ireland On February - 12 - 2010

It’s hotter than your mum

At WDT we don’t pigeon hole ourselves into just reviewing gadgets, games & films. We also like to delve into the world of sleek household appliances that would simply make your humble abode look orgasmic in a tech & geeky kind of way. So before you wonder why the hell we’re reviewing a kettle, I’d like to go on record and state that you will not see anything reviewed here that looks like a piece of shit, that wouldn’t interest the tech enthusiast. So there is absolutely no chance of us reviewing a George Foreman grill or a fucking doughnut maker.

breville1 Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup Kettle Review

So entering into the kitchen like a robo-puppy on heat is the Breville VKJ142. As you can see by the pictures, this kettle looks hotter than the person whom slaves away at the stove at your house. Whilst some religions cut off woman’s toes so they can get nearer the kitchen sink, we prefer to make life easier for our intimate other by supplying them with gadgetry that cuts down the time of making a cuppa, making the evening meal so they can eventually sit down and watch Coronation Street. That theory works fine if you have a second TV, because if you haven’t, you’re fucked and your better off buying her a kettle that requires boiling on a gas stove. Anyway, I digress on this Friday afternoon and will get to the point.

The VKJ142 is great. It holds the capacity of 1.5 litres of water which is roughly enough to make five cups of tea and comes with a drip tray in case your retarded enough to supply an espresso cup to the kettle. The rapid boil feature feels like we’ve finally stepped into modernity as boiling a cup’s worth of water literally takes a matter of seconds. Al Gore will be happy too as it’s also Eco Friendly. One of the nicer features of this kettle is the fact that it illuminates blue when boiling, not sure why, perhaps it so deaf people know they are making a drink? Who knows, but it looks nice and that’s what matters.

The kettle has a removable jug which can be topped up easily and its chrome and black plastic design doesn’t feel like it’s been made in a warehouse at ALDI. The lid is also safety locked, so if you have a child with ADHD you can rest assured that your kids won’t be taken away as they won’t be able to scold themselves. The element is also concealed so there is a less chance of lime scale, not that you give a shit about that. You also get a manufacturers warranty of 1 year, but even if the kettle did break down (our unit shows no sign of doing so) they are so cheap at under £40.00 that replacing it is really a no brainer. It is then a piece of aesthetic design, impatience convenience and lights up like a Smurf when it gets hot. How could you even go back to the days of that nasty ass white kettle you bought from Tesco’s for £4.00 sure its economical, but you will look like council scum and you don’t want that to happen. Do you?

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