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Cuboid review [PS3]
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Cuboid is a downloadable game off of the PSN made by Creat Studios and Tik Games released early last year.

Cuboid is a puzzle game that has you trying to get a cuboid (a rectangle shaped block) into a goal hole. You have to get there by pushing and rolling the block on different courses that feature all kinds of different traps and switches that either help you or throw you off of the course. Much like Magic Orbz, you are only given 1 set of courses to play and you must purchase the other sets. Playing this game requires that you have the ability to think on your toes. As you’re playing, the courses showcase the number of moves you make as well as the amount of time you take to play each course. If you finish a course fast enough, you can get medals.

With various twists, turns, and traps, can you figure out this puzzle?

You move your cuboid with the d-pad. You can move it in certain ways. If your cuboid is standing, you can have your cube fall in up, down, left, or right. If your cuboid is lying down, you can move in 2 different ways. If it’s laying vertically, you can have it roll left or right, or, if it’s laying horizontally, you can have it roll up and down. Knowing this is extremely important because the further you progress, the harder the puzzles become. At first, you simply have to get the cuboid into the goal with just basic knowledge on what directions you should take when moving your cuboid. Later on, levels will introduce switches that add bridges in between gaps, as well as traps that force your cuboid to fall through the floor if you stand on them vertically. Unlike Magic Orbz, this game is not easy. While the early puzzles take a bit to get used to, as far as your controls, the puzzles you get later on seem damn near impossible. For example, this one level I was stuck on, you start off in the bottom right corner, and there are only a few platforms you can actually stand on, and the rest of the course is mostly breakable platforms that you can’t even stand vertically in. The goal for the stage is at the top right corner. I’m still not sure exactly how to figure it out.

Can you figure this out?

Visually speaking, the game has some interesting level design, and some cool backgrounds to look at, but it’s not as colorful as Magic Orbz is. A lot of darker, more subdued colors to look at, but then again, you’ll be too busy trying to get your cuboid to the goal to really appreciate the atmospheric look of the levels. The soundtrack to the game is very atmospheric. It really only serves as background noise and nothing more.

Realistically speaking, there really isn’t much else to really talk about with this game. It’s a very original concept, and the controls are fine. If you are into thinking and puzzle games, by all means get this game. You’ll definitely enjoy it. I can’t say I was too interested in it and to be honest, it’s too hard for me. I felt like I wasn’t intelligent enough to play this, and if you’re not all that great at solving puzzles, you’ll probably feel the same way. I’m going to give it a 3 and a half stars. It plays fine, but the people that this game would appeal to is rather limited and is rather difficult for those who aren’t fond of problem solving or puzzles.



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Cuboid review [PS3], 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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