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FLIPS Percy Jackson Review
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Forget about an Amazon Kindle, FLIPS does it better.

You may think that the above headed title is a sign of myself going through early signs of madness, but I can assure you I am not talking to myself. The release of the Amazon Kindle was a breakthrough in pointless technology coined by environmentalists who jumped on the Green Industrial Complex. It was something that book publishers lapped up like cat nip because the production costs of sending a book to print was considerably less. However, EA have actually come up with a range of DS titles called FLIPS which aims to get kids back into reading by offering interactivity at the heart of its goal. Our first venture into this series is with the release of the Percy Jackson book series.

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Now, you maybe thinking that reading something from a small dual screen would be an impossibility. You would believe that it would be uncomfortable, cumbersome and slightly stupid. However, you are completely wrong because you’ve never even tried have you? No, I didn’t think so. Don’t feel ashamed though, because these were my exact thoughts too. The reality is, reading a novel using FLIPS is very easy and the navigation is easier than turning a page. Sweeping the stylus against the page turns it, keeping the stylus to the page whilst moving flips you through the pages at speed, with no load times and minimal fuss. You can also navigate to pages manually using the d-pad and a guided system but it’s not as fun as the animations look superb. As you will see, the pages are meant to look straight from the book, the typography is very classic looking and the pages have a rustic sense of history about it, but historic they aren’t because they boast features that turns reading into a whole new experience all together.

FLIPS is all about interactivity and this is the fifth release of the series. Throughout reading all five of the Percy Jackson books you will be able to collect coins which can be spent to unlock the historical time lines and information and drawings about the methodical creatures featured in the novels themselves. There is also a dictionary of Greek Mythology in the book as well, with its ‘links’ feature which will teach children certain discussed items within the book. Combining these features gave me the same impressed feeling I had when I booted up Encarta Encyclopedia for Windows for the very first time and that was eleven years ago. Now, imagine bringing all five of Percy Jackson’s books around with you. You would look like a hunchback in no time! Not only do you get the five Novels, you also get two bonus reads that expand upon the universe created by Riordan. These can be unlocked alongside interview footnotes. Players get rewarded from reading the book and collecting the coins and will be required to do this to unlock the additional content. This is a good way to ensure that your kids get the best value out of this title.

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The big pies de la resistance is the fact we have WiFi available. How is this used? Well, you can send the novels temporarily to other DS players in your local vicinity, meaning they can read the adventure series as well without having to pick up a copy of FLIPS DS cart. This is a fantastic feature as there are so many children around that have Nintendo DS hand held gaming systems that it would definitely get a use. It was certainly not an after thought. Now, what about price? Well, depending on where you shop you can get it from anywhere between £17.99 to £24.99 now tallying up the price of the 5 books, your looking at £20.00 for the books themselves and considering that the FLIPS series has bonus content and the additional features, it really weighs up to be a good purchase.

I would have like to have seen a little more reward for reading through thousand of DS byte-size pages and given that EA are at the helm for this, some little mini-games to unlock would of really have topped it off. The ability to get some fun mini-based games that could be played over WiFi as the reward through reading through the series would have been awesome and is definitely something worth considering for future releases. Overall, would I recommend this? Absolutely, no doubt about it. It not only provides good value for money, it also gets children into reading in a more modern way and the ability to share the book really puts the cherry on the trifle.

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FLIPS Percy Jackson Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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