Dean Case On February - 17 - 2010

Because we all make spelling mistakes now and then…

Sometimes we all need a break from slashing demons, shooting Russians and yelling at Americans, and a puzzler is usually a good way of doing so, with nice colourful levels and the whole ‘having to use your brain’ affair, L!ght Deluxe isn’t anything far from the norm when it comes to puzzlers, however, there are a few things that make this game unique.

The gameplay of L!ght Deluxe, is pretty simple, you need to get a beam of light (projected by a small square) into the receiver (another small square.) The game takes place over a board made up of squares, there will be various types of block in each square, each one has a different purpose and most can be freely moved around the board. By freely I mean, in left, right up and down directions, as when moved, blocks will slide along the board until they come into contact with the side or another block. Sounds complicated? Well the levels vary quite a lot, and the difficulty is insanely out of order, usually you would expect the difficulty to ramp itself up as the levels continue, however, the variation in difficulty here is a little bit too much. One good thing is that levels can be skipped over and picked individually, but, to unlock more of them, all of the other levels must be completed. With objects such as mirrors, prisms, colour changers and various blocks on movement, the way that levels are completed varies quite nicely.

Graphics – It’s a puzzler, sure its colourful and crisp, but there’s not really too much I can comment on. One thing I have noticed is the fact that on the level selection menu, prev. Page is spelled wrong, so it says, ‘Perv. Page,’ upon clicking it, I was highly disappointed that it just had the previous levels.

The music is fairly nice and is pretty catchy, with a nice variation in styles that fit a puzzler properly. There are no sound effects on the blocks and their movement is silent, it’s not too noticeable, but the music loops, so occasionally It can get boring.

There is a level editor, which means that you can use all of the tools used to build the actual levels in the game, this is pretty flexible, with lots of options available. There is also a feature which allows you to upload your made levels to the nemo games website, where they can be downloaded and frustrated over by other people (making near impossible levels is easy.)

Apparently there is a story line to this game, but I don’t really see why It needs one, seeing as it doesn’t crop up at all throughout the game.

There at 100 levels in the game, 50 in the regular difficulty mode and another 50 on the hard mode, that should be enough to keep anybody entertained, as this isn’t the most relaxing game on hard mode.

This was a short review, but that’s simply because I cannot actually find anything to say about this game. It’s just another puzzler, sure it’s pretty original, but it’s just rather ‘meh.’ I honestly cannot give this game as higher mark as it probably deserve, simply because the fun factor wasn’t there for me, however, taking this into consideration, I do believe I have marked it accordingly.


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