James Ireland On February - 21 - 2010

A review of UK Truck Simulator
Please note: Footage recorded on FRAPS at 25fps at Half Size. This footage does not represent the true graphical quality of the game.

Excalibur Publishing Limited brings you UK Truck Simulator from the creators of Euro Truck Simulator - SCS Software.

Hit the road in UK Truck Simulator! Using a network of motorways and major trunk routes you will gain unbridled access to 18 of the UK’s largest cities!

From the granite city of Aberdeen in the north to the rolling green hills of the South Hams heading towards historic Plymouth where Sir Francis Drake played his famous game of bowls whilst awaiting the invasion of the Spanish Armada.

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  1. John says:

    James - does this new sim allow you to listen to your own music library on the PC? (via the radio in the cab)

  2. Presumably it does John. When i press R it brings the radio up. But i think you need to move MP3′s to a certain folder.

  3. John says:

    Thanks James. To anyone else who may be interested in putting their own music into the sim - since posting this question, I have found out that the music files you place in the truck sim music folder (located in your profile’s documents folder) have to be of a particular file type. The programme does not recognise mp3, wave or wma. It only recognises OGG. This means you will need to find an MP3 to OGG convertor programme if you don’t already have one. I agree with with James’ review as well, it is a surprisingly good game - certainly very different to the type of games I normally play.

  4. Adam Harrison says:

    I got this game based on your review and i must say it was well worth it! iv found it very addictive hehe :D . i am one of the rare breed of people who actually play these games for the fact of liking trucks :D

  5. truckersannonymous says:

    hi im a trucker and i found this game terrible although i am a fan of crane simulator it is much fun and realistic although truck simulator does not have that certain UMPH about it therefore it sucks bigtime =EPICFAIL

  6. Nyte says:

    i play truck simulator and i find it awesome…got a nice feel to it, i found it rather relaxing to play… strangely addictive, and kinda gives u something to work for instead of non stop driving. the level of detail is by far better than any truck sim game to date. I play this game for my liking of trucks and the trucker life…hopefully someday ill be able to sit behind a real one but until then…. this is the next best thing 5/5

  7. Sam-210 says:

    I love this game

  8. Sam-210 says:

    guy’s I get to tel u that this is a cool game u get to try it

  9. Majorneb says:

    I love this game! I suggest you try using the mouse to steer though! Much easier than the keyboard if you don’t have a wheel…

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