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IQ Knights Review
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If you’re bored of generic puzzle games on the iPhone like myself and are in seek of something new, then developer Handy Game’s “IQ Knights” might catch your eye. Moving away from the exhausted Match-3 games genre, IQ Knights is a game that will really test your intellect and give your brain a workout.

The premise of the game is that you are a Knight in a castle and start in the lowly ground of the Courtyard. Solving 8 puzzles successfully moves you to the next room, with each room upgrading your status until you eventually reach the Throne room and battle to become King of the castle. With each new room you enter, the difficulty of the puzzles rises.

The puzzles themselves have you moving a dice through the castles “battlefields”, in other words a grid, guiding the dice to an indicated tile to win the puzzle and progress to the next level. The catch is that you can only move the dice the number of tiles shown by the number that is currently displayed on the dice; for example, if 6 dots appear on the dice, you can only move your dice 6 tiles horizontally or vertically. To make the situation harder, enemy foes are added to the game that can eliminate your dice from the board if you land close by and the number on their dice exceeds yours. Having to take this dilemma into account whilst thinking your next move adds to the difficulty of the game. Having to guide multiple dice at the same time aswell as other small tasks such as freeing shackled dices and landing on certain tiles to free a path all provide nice twists to the gameplay.

The game contains 56 puzzles to solve, with the first 8 of these introducing you to the game and acting as a tutorial. IQ Knights can be seen as quite a complex game so it’s fortunate that these tutorial levels are well made and introduce you to the game at a steady pace. A few more simple levels follow and then the difficulty level seems to rise dramatically. I had a hard time completing the first 20 puzzles in the game, let alone solving all 56 and becoming the King of the castle! Using logic and thinking a couple of moves ahead is the key to success in IQ Knights. Trial and error will get you through the first couple of lives, but to solve the more complicated tasks in the latter stages, you’ll have to get your Chess brain in gear.

The replayability of the game is good due to a scoring system being implemented similar to the sport Golf’s scoring system. A par is set for each level, and if you complete the puzzle below the set par, you will get bonus points for that puzzle. Once you have completely the game or get stuck on a certain puzzle, you can always go back to previous puzzles and try to better your score. You can upload your highscores to online leaderboards and see where you rank amongst the best Knights in the world; higher than myself, I bet!

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The graphics are sharp with some nice textures on show. The whole style of the game fits well with the theme Handy Games have aimed for. The animations are smooth and the menus extremely easy to navigate. Visually, my only negative comment is the lack of originality throughout the game. The puzzle backgrounds stay the same throughout each room you visit and this can become a tad tedious after a while. A small variation once in a while wouldn’t have hurt the game and possibly made it a bit more entertaining to play; over longer periods certainly. The audio fits in well with the game and can be turned off at both the main menu and in-game if you prefer to solve in silence. Unfortunately you’re not able to listen to music from your iPod whilst playing the game which is a shame; but to be honest, blasting out some heavy metal and attempting to divulge some tricky puzzles doesn’t really go hand in hand.

IQ Knights is priced at $2.99/£1.79 which seems just about right for the amount of content and replayability the game has. If you’re looking for a puzzle game different to the rest and something to give your brain a good workout, I recommend checking out IQ Knights. However, if you’re a casual gamer and have a short temperament and concentration span, stay well away.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
IQ Knights Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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