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Nokia N97 Mini Review
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Txt sex users will love it!

Nokia have brought us their latest variation of the N97 handset. The N97 Mini, sporting a sleek cherry black finish with a sophisticated flip out keypad that can only be described as the phone equivalent of a PSP GO! It looks like a nice phone and its screen is pretty nice too. The Mini is very similar to the X6 we reviewed earlier in the month and in many ways it’s pretty much the same. Everything feels similar in fact, we were expecting a different experience all together and whilst the handy keyboard is good for texting it does very little for the phone than appeal for those that communicate via their thumbs rather than their mouths.

The biggest gripe with this phone is the fact it’s running on Symbian OS 9.4 which is we’re brutally honest, it sucks. Menu navigation is slightly cumbersome and it seems that Nokia have a penchant for hiding away the best features of the phone itself. It has all the usual features we would expect with the Ovi Store and Ovi maps and its phone entry book has more entry space than the yellow pages. Phone calls are pretty charming with the ability of adding a picture to the caller and we really like the vibration you get when you press down on an application.

Once again the phone’s biggest high point is the stunning 5 mega-pixel camera and VGA video camera. It’s an exact replica of the X6 and that is no bad thing. Image quality is stunning and the plethora of image editing options, make it as good as a digital camera. You can take a look at our road test of the camera functions here. The phone runs on a 434 Mhz processor so it feels fast and boot-up is pretty quick too. For music fans though you don’t get the free 12 month music store access you can download tracks from the music store as well as access the phones stereo FM radio with RDS. Gaming, it lacks once again the punch you’d be hoping for. It comes bundled with DJ Club Tour but the phone is without truly great games and the running speeds of them aren’t going to blow you away either.

Available in 3 colours

The Mini doesn’t just come in black, it is also available in Garnet and White, so a nice choice for those aesthetic & fashion conscious. For video playback it has a wide range of support, your standard WMV, Real Video and MP4 are all compatible and the music player features AAC+ support which is critical for some of the latest music download services now on the market. The phone also has the stupidly useless T9 option as well, which is great if you like to text like a complete moron. T9 has never worked for me, no matter what phone I use, when it tries to guess words they always end up making the sentence sound sexually suggestive, very odd indeed. If you’re Ruby Wax you’re going to love the N97 Mini. Why? Well it has 7 hours and 10 minutes of talk time (approx) per charge a mammoth amount of time for a good vocal session, not only would Ruby Wax love this phone, but those that work on sex lines, there’s nothing worse than being trapped by chords when trying to get into the moment. Why am I saying this? Okay, let’s get back into focus.

What other features does the N97 Mini have? Well, you have a voice recorder, TV-out, document viewer that’s compatible with Microsoft Office. Bluetooth and Wifi are also available and as standard the phone comes with 8Gig internal storage capacity and can hold a further 16 gigabytes of space. Whilst the phone is cheaper than the X6 in our opinion, it just doesn’t match it. Subtracting the free music, the X6 actually looks sexy. It has some beautiful lines on it and feels better to play with. To us the flip out keypad is a nice option, but only if you’re likely to take advantage of it. We were left a little underwhelmed with this phone, apart from the camera and video recorder which we’re envious with whilst we play around with our iPhones on a day to day basis. For its price it really doesn’t stand out enough, even if the phone is compatible with Qik. Unfortunately both of our Nokia sets suffer from the same overall syndrome. If you are looking to buy a phone outright, there are better phones on the market that are cheaper in the all round perspective, stick this one into the £30.00 a month contract band and it all becomes a little more appealing.

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