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AvP: Requiem Review
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Okay, so my first review is a negative one, just to let you know - I am not a pessimist!

To business! So, I shut the blinds, slammed the door, hit the light and placed the AvP: Requiem disc into my DVD player. I could accuse my negativity to this film because of my high expectations but should I be blamed because it refused to rise to the standard of any die-hard Alien and Predator fan?

Yes, I expected a very typical, cliché rural town being over-run by monsters and the newly returned guy becoming some form of underdog hero, but what I didn’t expect was the lack of necessary gore and Predators. I mean, they send three Predators for an initiation test, but only one to find a new species of alien!? I mean it was hard enough taking down the Predalien in Alien vs Predator for the PC! But this lone bad-ass Predator gets to take on a couple of dozen Aliens, The Predalien, the National Guard and our underdog.

predvsalien AvP: Requiem Review

Predalien vs Predator Showdown

So? What did I think of the movie? Apart from it being a over-clichéd, over-powered, over-filled-with-bad-acting crapfest I can’t totally shun it as the guys who pumped it out into the public tried very hard with it and were very enthusiastic with the project - but that doesn’t mean it’s a good film.

If they’d incorporated some form of general army theme like from the games, a lot more gore and a few more Predators then we’d all be changing our pants after the film. So I’m going to give this film a 3/5 stars for effort and effects. Despite it being the over-clichéd, over-powered, over-filled-with-bad-acting crapfest the film was enjoyable and although dissapointment lurked, I was satisfied with the sequel.

Let’s just hope if there’s a number 3, it’s got more gore and a lot more Predators.

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Rating: 4.0/10 (3 votes cast)
AvP: Requiem Review, 4.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
  • James Joell-Ireland

    The prose was fine but it lacked a little substance in terms of it being a fully fledged review. Plotline isn’t discussed, CGI, Cinematography etc. aren’t given any reference. Just a few tips for the next one :)

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