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RIP date for Sony GO! VIEW

Sony & BskyB’s partnership at an end

As reported around about the time our website launched in June 2009, Sony GO!VIEW was having it’s content asset stripped after it’s video download service ceased to renew it’s license for BBC, NBC & Disney content. The video download service launched between BSKYB and Sony looked initially promising and there were even plans to make the video service work without the intervention of a PC at all. However, with the development of news later in the month during the three day trade show E3, it became obvious why the asset stripping took place.

On the 17th June 2009 Sony announced the PS3 slim and also the arrival of the European video store for November 2009. Couple this with the launch of the store in November and a quick step over to the GO! VIEW website suggested that the only content available that actually got updated was the weekly sports highlights. Despite this, they still had a dedicated customer base until a final decision had been made and announced in the last 24hrs to kill the service off on the 25th March 2010. We received an e-mail stating that our account will be automatically cancelled as you can see below. Here is a, exert from the e-mail itself, which clarifies the second death of the GO! product range.

What does it mean to me as a customer?

• If your renewal date falls anytime between now and 25th February 2010, your payment will be taken as normal and you can enjoy your last month of great videos on your PSP ®

• If your renewal date falls anytime after 25th February 2010, no additional payment will be taken and your access to service will be stopped on that day.

Please remember that if within this period you decide to purchase movies or premium programmes standard prices will apply.

We will refund any outstanding pre-paid credit on your account to your registered debit / credit card. Please contact us if the debit or credit card you registered with us may have expired or if you have not received your refund by 2nd April 2010.

To ensure security of your payment details we will delete all credit / debit card information from our systems on 9th April 2010.

There was some element of confusion and some hope for the service when Sony announced at Gamescom that the name of their new PSP handheld would be called the PSP GO! Given the similarity in name you could have been mistaken for believing that perhaps the service was to be given a new lease of life in a download only format, but nothing materialised. GO! Messenger was axed shortly after GO! VIEW began and it would appear that GO! Maps are the only remaining survivor of the range, to think people paid out all that money on the webcam attachment for the PSP too. All and all an interesting piece of news none the less, one of which we feel that, had the software not be dependent on the PC to encode the DRM in the first place, the download only option could have been a major success, had the application been built onto the PSP very much like GO! Messenger.

As the above e-mail states, some customers could be seeing an unexpected refund appearing from the service as its premium content aspects required using an e-wallet to top up funds. Any unused refunds required a call to customer services to make a manual refund. This will now be an automated process and as far as we can tell should users wish to make any last queries the support lines should still be operable until the closing date.

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