James Ireland On February - 25 - 2010

Safety is paramount

When you think of portable DVD players, you think of the screen flipping up kind of like a laptop, however modern DVD players have inverted the rule and had the screen where you would imagine the lid would be and that’s a good thing because it compacts everything and makes it look more stylish and presentable. This type of design is especially needed when your going to be using the DVD player for use within the car and that is essentially what the Next Base Click 10 was designed to do. It actually makes the Sovos media player we reviewed not so long back looked surprisingly ugly in comparison. There are some interesting features about the Click 10 which may surprise you, so read on.

click10 lg Next Base Click 10 DVD Player Review

When I first heard this DVD player had past European road safety tests, I expected it to look like a giant rubber cube, cumbersome unattractive and generally an eyesore. How wrong I was. This DVD player then can only be described as Carol Vorderman with a seat belt on. It has a certain maturity to it but it’s stylish and sexy and so it should be because your MPV doesn’t look like that at all does it? No, didn’t think so. Thankfully Next Base has come to the rescue and made your car look a little more stylish again. The safety feature obviously is attractive to family owners and it’s a nice touch, even the edges has been rounded so if your child did for some oddball reason decide to head butt the screen, it’s very unlikely they’ll hurt themselves. Secondly, the DVD player has a plastic layering at the front which can with stand abuse and will ensure that if the screen did ever break, no LED’s would come flying towards your face at 100mph. Take a look at the video further down for a full break down of the safety test, it’s intriguing stuff.

Now, you maybe asking about battery life. Well, it’s 2.5hrs which unless you intend on watching Titanic or The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button it will have enough running time for a feature length film. I’d have liked the length to be a little more and subsequently it does stop it from scoring perfect marks, but the rest is absolutely flawless. Firstly, those Next Base wireless headphones will work a charm, you’ll even be able to set the channel filter on, so if you own those babies you’ll have the choice of two streams if you have more than one of the Click 10′s. Secondly this DVD player has a whole wealth of features, i’ll get onto those in a second but the optional extras are impressive alone. The Click & Go is a worthwhile purchase along with the Click 10, mainly because the Click 10 was built for it’s use. The Click & Go connects up to the cigarette lighter of the car to provide the additional battery juice you may need and acts as not only a battery provider for the Click 10 but also it’s lock attachment to a car seat. Is it fiddly? It’s easier than undoing your girlfriends bra, just press down on the back and slide out, simple. Now if only all woman’s bra’s were that easy to take off. Okay, err I shall get back onto being professional shall I? There are two other optional attachments that you can buy for this, the DVT tuner and the FM transmitter. Purely optional and definitely not with the Click 10 by default.

So, what about those other features you do get as a default? Well, if you love your gaming consoles your going to love Next Base. It has an IX connector which means you can connect up your consoles and all manner of electronics to it. Your also going to get a three in one card reader, USB interface for playing music, S-video support and an external headphone socket for the standard bud ear piece. Not bad for approximately £250.00 Wait, did you just say £250.00? Yes, I did. Sure, the price may sound a little steep but trust me it’s worth it. You have a 1W speaker system and a back light LED screen to give you crisp, bright visuals, no matter how dark or bright it is in your car. You don’t even need to use it in your car, it has a flip out stand at the back for ease of use. Perhaps the nicest thing about this DVD player is that it’s region free. How often do we see region free DVD players? Not too often and that was a refreshing change. Dropping back to the aesthetics, it’s leather and metal brush appearance really is nice and the way the DVD is cleverly hidden behind the screen screams build quality more than Pamela Anderson playing with a Tommy Lee dong.

All in all the Click 10 is a neat piece of kit, it doesn’t have as many options as the media players out there, but its road safe and has one heck of a beautiful appearance and for those that like to mix design with family we simply can’t recommend anything else other than the Click & Go series. Damn you look so good!

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  1. Joey says:

    Looks like a good system. love that it is crash tested

  2. DvE says:

    Nice review, but it’s about the extra’s:
    Can you play Divx/xvid movies from usb or SD?
    What size of SD and USB is supported? Is SDHC supported?
    How picky is the player with Divx and xvid movies?

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