James Ireland On February - 25 - 2010

Dual Channel, Wireless & Stunning

Wireless IR headphones, for many years they have been the bane of the audio world. Even the slightest piece of interference would cause havoc and scratchy audio in the home and if it wasn’t for the radiation causing the problem, the IR signal wouldn’t be strong enough to warrant having wireless in the first place. Yes, admittedly the last time we tried an IR device was a couple of years ago but that’s not the point. Oh and before people say ‘I’ve seen them in pound shops, sounds like a bargain!” don’t bother. You’d have to be a complete fluoride head to even consider doing that.

NextbaseWirelessHeadphones Next Base Dual Channel IR Wireless Headphones

Introducing then, is the Next Base IR wireless dual channel headphones. They are sturdy, built to last and designed for comfort. Forget spending stupid money on Bose we’ve seen these headphones around online for as little as £25.00 and they are simply phenomenal. Designed for but not just, Next Base systems, these headphones just mark highly in all areas. How do they fare for there initial purpose? Well, firstly you have the dual channel feature, meaning that you can tune into one of two different devices at the same time. This is a great feature, especially if you happen to own multiple car DVD player systems, the flexibility to switch audio at the flick of a button isn’t to taken for granted and whilst for many purchasers this feature wouldn’t be used too heavily, considering the price you can’t argue at having that feature available.

In terms of interference we tried them away from radiation areas such as the home living room and used them in both the home and car environment. In the home space we did find some crackle and fuzz but they were certainly behind the audio of the film, as opposed to layering over it. It didn’t distract from the experience and at no point did it lose connection, nor did the audio levels drop. If anything, it sounded similar to when you hear an audio cassette after the song has finished playing, a slight hissing if you will. Stand these where they are most used (in the car) and the clarity is great, you get the sense that it’s wireless but generally things are more crisper, which is great because your unlikely to use the IR device that much indoors and if you are, then we’re sure you can sacrifice the need of your computer router being on, which often causes the distraction.

Now on to what I love. Bundled with these headphones is a standard audio jack, which will enable you to connect to convention devices without the use of power and this is where ironically these headphones come into their own. I am simply astounded by the audio quality that is on offer. You get the bass, you get the treble, you get the subtle notes that you wouldn’t hear on conventional headphones. We loaded up conversations and you could hear the background ambience you simply wouldn’t pick up on a standard set of buds. As an avid PC gamer, we’ve given these a test on games too and wow, these really draw you in to the game. You don’t feel like you are getting surround sound with Next Base IR headphones but the quality you are getting feels as smooth as a marble kitchen surface, no bumps, no high peaks, just pure immersion. Just why would you spend £300 on a set of headphones when you can buy these and be quite content.

I’m not finished. To pack these headphones away, you can invert them back on themselves to tuck them into a hard resistant case. The case has a hard outer edge to ensure impact with the ground will not affect the headphones. Not only is the case well made, but you are getting comfort of the highest order without the ridiculousness of some whole ear headphones. The Next Base cover the ear nicely but at the same time keeps itself compacted and close to your head. You could wear these for hours and be comfortable, in fact I love them to bits and because of the the jack port they aren’t just an investment for wireless purposes, these are an investment for all purposes. Got an iPhone? We’ve tried it, are you a gamer? We’ve bench tested it and even if you are not remotely interested in the IR side of things, pound for pound these are probably the best headphones that money can buy and that’s not a dramatisation.

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