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Sudoku Ball Detective, Aliens in the Attic, Pool Hall Pro and Vertigo added to the GamEssence Library

Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. today announced several new additions to the PC online distribution platform GamEssence ( including:

Sudoku Ball™ Detective: Assume the role of a small town detective and solve a murder by completing several Sudoku puzzles with a “revolutionary” twist. A “Sudoku Ball” consists of six interlinked Sudoku puzzles mapped out on a 3D ball which can be turned with ease thanks to the simple control interface and numbers are simply entered by mouse. As you unravel the puzzles you progress further into your investigation by way of investigating clues, picking locks, examining evidence in the lab and chasing your suspect. For further information and a flash demo you can visit

Aliens in the Attic: Based on the 20th Century Fox family adventure of the same name, you play as the Zirkonians, a motley crew of aliens who have arrived on Earth. As a Zirkonian you must prepare the Earth for the Zirkonian invasion by activating a Sizematron which just so happens to be located beneath Pearson’s vacation home. For more information on Aliens in the Attic you can visit

Pool Hall Pro: Featuring six modes with a vast array of pool and snooker games from basic pocket billiards to U.S 8-ball and 6-ball snooker. Create your own avatar and take on the pool hall’s toughest opponents and lead your character to glory. You can compete against the professionals in single player mode or tour the world earning cash, fame and unlocking collectables in world tour mode. Winning games and unlocking collectables also allows you to personalise your own billiards room. You can also increase the difficulty of your AI opponents for an increased challenge. To find out more please visit

Vertigo: Guide your Xorb across 54 “hair raising” landscapes and nine different worlds each with their own unique challenging terrain and obstacles. You can upgrade your Xorb, discover hidden shortcuts and collect power-ups to help them survive with the ultimate aim of becoming the fastest Xorber in the universe. Additional information about Vertigo can be found at

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Sudoku Ball Detective, Aliens in the Attic, Pool Hall Pro and Vertigo added to the GamEssence Library, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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