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The Watchmen Review
Review Score:

Well, my second review and it is infact a positive one. So yet again, I graciousally sat down in the dark, silent, retreat known as my bedroom and placed The Watchmen into my DVD Player. I had seen the film many-a-time before but I felt a review is necessary!

Where to start, where to start? Well… The norm is to start with something like the cast, or the plotline but I’ll start with the music. The films very unique soundtracks are what help build up the epicness of the Watchmen. Who doesn’t love the thought of Bob Dylan - The Times Are A Changing playing while The Mothman’s thrown into the ambulance of a mental asylum? Or Russians overlooking nucleur missiles while American fighter jets fly over? Or maybe the MPs opening fire on peaceful protesters? Or maybe (Last one!?) JFK getting headshotted by the Comedian? Yeah, that’s what I thought. The movie features music from Bob Dylan, My Chemical Romance and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. If the film lacked the music it has, the film would have suffered as let’s be honest. It isn’t just the cinematography that makes a good film.

Now, those who haven’t read the graphic novel probably went into the film expecting a super hero film explaining how it all happened, explaining everyones past straight away. This is one of the main reasons why the Watchmen seemed to go down in the publics view (also a lot of blue penis seemed to put people off…) To those who did read the graphic novel, as I love to say - had to change their pants after the film. The plot line follows Rorschach journal of events over the time of Comedians death, to a certain event in several major cities around the world in the 1980s. (I’m not one to give away the plot, even if the film has been released.) Although I did say about the film not directly explaing the characters pasts, it does… But you won’t get much of the film until those parts have gone past… But they’re deeper into the film than the first 20 minutes. The films plotline allows for several hints character relations and roots to come through, so those with a keen eye and a sharp memory will understand why certain objects were in the shot at the time.

Rorschach arrives at the crime scene of the Comedian.

One of my favourite aspects of the film had to be the cinematography. Although it may not make any sense, the film is just so… 1980s! Most films which are based in that time but filmed in the present seem to be still very modernised, yet this film has a very gritty, 80’s feel to the camera shots and and the sets, it just seemed like it was filmed in the 80’s but had a mega-revamp, digital remastered sort of thing… I’m not making sense am I?

The cast of the film seemed to make it perfect aswell. Very much like 300, the cast of the film weren’t very popular/well known A Listing characters like Brad Pitt or George Clooney, to play the paranoid Rorschach we had Jackie Earle Haley who will be playing Freddie Krueger in the new A Nightmare On Elm Street. Although the Rorschach character although very, very well portrayed character, I noticed his lines were very put on, rather than acted more of a cheesy cartoon voice over.

In the graphic novel, the Watchmen were not meant to have powers only Dr Manhattan which is the point made by a character named Hollis, an original Minuteman (the group before the Watchmen). He wrote a book called “The Dawn of the Superhero”. This is the obvious point to that they were just ordinary people dressing up in suits until Manhattan came along with actual powers. I felt dissapointed that the characters seemed to have an unordinary strength, speed and skill of martial arts. I mean a retired hero and woman taking on a gang of say 10, who are equipped with weapons… Or 2 heroes verse 1, yet the 1 seems to be able to move extremely fast and be extremely strong.

The film is riddled with inaccuracies from the graphic novel, I admit this is a dissapointment to those who read the novel and expected great things. I mean, (Plotlines… Oh no.) Rorschach revisits the memory of where he chases a paedophile and has him cornered in a shed, Rorscach is explaining how hard it was to commit his first kill. In the graphic novel, he leaves the man chained to a furnace and gives him a saw to severe his hand to get free while he sets the building alight with gasoline and watches from the outside. If I’m honest, that would’ve been a lot better than him hacking the brains out of the guys head with a cleaver… To continue on with characters, I was very much dissapointed with Ozymandas character. I was speaking to a friend a while ago about this and he agree’d, in the film we are always in a constant suspicion about him while in the novel he comes across as a very trustworthy person.

I’ve been saving my main points till last…. The controversy. The Watchmen when it was released into cinemas striked several flares of controversy to the films contents. Walking through Vietnam with “Ride of the Valkyries” playing and Dr Manhattan blowing the Vietcong into pieces, or The Comedian shooting a pregnant woman he knocked up and the complete lack of care that Manhattan shows, infact it appears the only protest Manhattan shows is of condescension when he could’ve stopped it all very easily…

The main flare of controversy was the end of The Watchmen. Snyder announced that the Giant Squid would not be involved, yet the general idea will be kept. At the end of the reknowned graphic novel, to unite the world as one to prevent nucleur war, Ozymandas releases a giant alien-like squid upon New York… But in the film, Ozymandas uses a device to mimic Dr Manhattans power across the world and cause large explosions in several cities. Uniting the world against a common enemy and foremost stopping complete nucleur annhilation.

Giant Squid!

To come to my conclusion. The film itself was brilliant. The effects were brilliant, cinematography and soundtracks brilliant. I’ve been attached to all comic-to-film adaptions and out of them all, this film has been the best. Maybe because it’s a lot more mature and on a more adult level, but I have to say this film was better than The Dark Knight, that’s how I sincerely feel and must reccomend if you have not seen this film, you will have to.

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The Watchmen Review10.0103
  • kiffar
    February 26, 2024
    GD Star Rating
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    I absolutely loved this movie and graphic novel.

    “Giant Squid!” haha

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  • Josh-sama
    February 27, 2024
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    The film is brilliant and haha, couldn’t think of a better caption ;)

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