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Angry Birds [iPhone]
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Birds are useless creatures that shit on your car. So I was a bit worried when it came to reviewing a game called Angry Birds.

“Oh great, I bet this game will be about nothing but a bird who hates life and shits all over everyone and their possessions.”

Come to think of it..that sounds like an awesome game. Someone go make that game, now.

But anyway, this game has a slight story. There’s not much to talk about but here we go anyway

Basically your eggs go missing. OH NOES!

IMG 0433 Angry Birds [iPhone]

Where's our damn eggs?!

Turns out these green..pig things took ‘em.

Seriously, what the shit are these?

And now to get revenge, you mercilessly hurl yourself into their..fortifications or whatever they got themselves in. Barricades..maybe it’s their home. They stole eggs to survive, and the birds retaliate by invading their homeland? This game sends a terrible message..

The controls are simple, drag your little bird back on the slingshot

In queue for destruction

Then launch yourself towards the unsuspecting green pig things!

They have no idea what's coming.

You want to try and get as many as you can with using as little birds as possible. More birds you have left over at the end of the match, the more point you’ll earn.

The default camera will just focus on your bird and slowly widen when in flight to give you a view of where it’s heading. Then a dotted line is left in its path so you can adjust your next wave of death accordingly. Pinch your fingers inward on the screen to get a full view of the map.

As you progress, you’ll earn new birds to unleash Hell on the bastards who thought they could feed on your kind.

These little blue guys are dangerous

These birds will split into three when you tap on the screen once they’re in mid flight.

IMG 0436 Angry Birds [iPhone]

They are so fucked.

The sounds are simply awesome. The birds comical screams and jeers give a silly feeling to the game, makes it enjoyable to play. The music fits well with the theme, they’ve done a great job compiling songs, sound effects, and the character noises. For only $1 or, what, .73€? I highly recommend this game.

4/5. Carry on.

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Rating: 9.7/10 (7 votes cast)
Angry Birds [iPhone], 9.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

    nice review!
    might konsida gettin dis gAmE br0!

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