James Ireland On March - 2 - 2010

Top 5 hardware/software failures of the last decade {1999-2009}

5. Xbox Live - Holiday Blues

In 2008 Xbox Live during the holiday season was about as useable as a second hand condom. In fact the service was so bad for people that Microsoft by way of apology offered Xbox Live users the deep sea diving Undertow which at that time was probably the least wanted game on the service. Thanks Microsoft. There were continuous problems with the service which lasted for a whole 7 days, causing menu systems not to load, online games rendered unplayable and the chat systems screwed. An embarrassing moment for Microsoft, who pride themselves of having, the very best online service.

4. Windows 98 ‘Blue Screen of Death’

Although not an issue to totally wreck the lives of all PC owners, Bill Gates most embarrassing hour was at the announcement of the Windows 98 operating system launch. Upon demonstrating the hardware to the masses he proceeded to get the blue screen of death. How embarrassing. Windows 98 went on to be more successful and reliable than Windows ME which was arguably the worst operating system Microsoft had released to date, with Windows Vista falling shortly behind.

3. Xbox Power Cord Replacement

Despite less than 10,000 consoles affected, Microsoft replaced 14.1 million power cords to their original Xbox over one highlighted major press story on how an Xbox caught fire and caused damage to a resident’s property. Other complaints were made including customers reported injuries from the power cord, smoke damage and burnt out carpets. 14.1 million power-cords is a staggering amount of units to replace and once again Microsoft has proven itself cream of the crop when it comes to outsourcing its manufacturing to china.

2. Playstation 3 - Yellow Lights of Death

For many, the bastion of reliability was Sony. We thought so too, but a few years into the perfectly working lifespan of the PS3 and problems started to arise like a virus spreading over the continent. Reports emerged every day of hardware failures of the PS3 with the Yellow Lights Of Death. Whilst the numbers of affected pale into significance compared to Microsoft’s machine, Sony hasn’t given extended warranties and those affected have had to shell out in excess of £150 for those whose warranties were over. It doesn’t seem like the hardware failures are over for Sony just yet either. The FAT PS3 over the last 24hrs suffered from a system clock issue which rendered the system partially paralysed for those whom did not buy SLIM.

1. Xbox 360 ‘Red Rings of Death’

Although not a major problem anymore thanks to the Jasper chipset, Microsoft hasn’t had much luck have they? The Xbox 360 failure problem cut into the very heart of Microsoft’s profits and had the price point of the PS3 and it’s content been more appealing, you could forgive many for jumping ship. Fortunately for Microsoft the problems happened during the opening two years of it’s life span and although issues still happen today, it is not considered to be an emergency situation anymore. Some estimated that the hardware failure rate stood at a staggering 54.2% whilst other media outlets reported a 23.7% rate of error. It’s been the worst failure rate of its kind, yet Microsoft’s behemoth still is going strong, many users still play the Xbox 360 despite being on their 7th console. If anything this shows just how adored the machine is.

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10 Responses

  1. Hikaru says:

    ??? Win98 in this decade? XD ^^

  2. VR-4nic says:

    This probably won’t get posted but I’ll say it anyway. Is this guy kidding the PS3 @# 2, really! I think we might have a XBot! PS3 failure rate is at the most was estimated 11%, the XBox 360 was at one point estimated as high 32%-52%. I had both for years and am on my 3rd XBox but my Fat BC 60GB PS3 has never given me any hardware problems. It did though take a 24hour rest the other day (feb.29?)LOL! Work fine now!

  3. 1999 to 2009 was the dates.

  4. Perhaps our opinions have been slightly influenced that 3 of our staff members got the YLOD in the last year.

  5. aa member says:

    Interesting read up until the YLOD. I work in a game/movie retail outlet, and have only had one or two people in the past years mention getting the YLOD. That includes also the many personal friends and family I have that own ps3′s. Sounds like your staff was doing something wrong to get 3 in one year. I do agree that the warranty on the ps3 isnt that great, but the 24 hour psn downtime wasnt exactly an epic failure, more an inconvienience. This should have had something that affected everyone in terms of hardware failure, not the 3 people in you staff.

  6. Used Cisco says:

    Interesting list. I would have thought the PS2 DRE was more common and effected a lot more people than the PS3 YLoD but either way, shows Sony has had some issues too. RRoD stands head and shoulders above the rest though, not even in the same league.

  7. joel says:

    The bastion of reliability was sony?! My PS2 lasted 2 months!!!! And my PS1 lasted 2 years which is not too bad when compared to the PS2.

  8. Kill Crow says:

    Windows 98 was 12 years ago … this article was written in 2010 ….

    duid the author use his PS3 to work that one out how long a decade is?

  9. Dall says:

    I think you missed out on one of the potentialy biggest f-ups in hardware and that is Nvidia,s latest chipset. Already behind the ball when it comes to DX11 support and the latest reviews state the new dx11 chipset runs hot consume vast amounts of power yet are underpowered. This stands to be a major game changer in the graphics processor battle for supremicy. even if Nvidia started fresh 6 months ago to correct the issues the PC market is looking at 2 years before they can ramp up production on a new series of chipsets. This means barring some kind of miracle the graphics card marketplace will be dominated by ATI for at least the next 2yrs once DX11 games start rolling out toward the 2nd half of 2010. Unlike DX10 which recieved very little uptake DX11 is set to be the new industry standard.

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